Seminar  IMPANGA 2005-2010 (directed by Piotr Pragacz)

ACADEMIC  YEAR  2005/2006

This year is mainly devoted to algebraic cycles and motives (a series of lectures by J. Murre, V. Srinivas, and A. Weber) and Thom polynomials ( a series of lectures by A. Weber, P. Pragacz and O. Ozturk). Some topics in the theory of moduli spaces are covered by lectures of A. Langer and T. Szemberg. Several classical algebraic varieties are studied from different points of view: rational curves on Grassmannians (T. Maszczyk), Del Pezzo surfaces and Calabi-Yau manifolds (G. and  M. Kapustka), modularity of CY threefolds (S. Cynk) and the diagonal property of smooth varieties ( P. Pragacz).  M. Brodzik speaks about logarithmic deformations. During the Spring minischool, M. Lehn delivers a series of lectures on symplectic holomorphic varieties, and some participants of Impanga lecture on the Fourier-Mukai transform, notably for Abelian varieties.

ACADEMIC  YEAR  2006/2007

This year is mainly devoted to the "point" and "diagonal" properties of manifolds (series of lectures by P. Pragacz on the joint work with V. Srinivas and V. Pati, and recent results of O. Debarre), Gromov-Witten invariants (series of lectures by M. Borodzik and T. Maszczyk),  derived categories of some special varieties (series of lectures by O. Kedzierski), K-theory in arithmetics (lectures by G. Banaszak and W. Gajda),  Witt groups (M. Szyjewski) ,  K3- surfaces (S. Rams), and Seshadri constants for linear systems (T. Szemberg). Various aspects of zeta functions in mathematics are extensively studied, also during the special sesion in May. The subject of another session, in January, is: Hoene-Wronski: his life, mathematics, and philosophy...

ACADEMIC  YEAR  2007/2008

This year is mainly devoted to the geometry and arithmetic of Calabi-Yau threefolds ( series of lectures by M. and G. Kapustka, and S. Cynk), positivity properties of Thom polynomials
of mappings and Lagrange singularities (series of lectures by M. Mikosz, P. Pragacz and A. Weber),  moduli of vector bundles (lectures by V. Mehta, A. Langer), linear systems (H. Tutaj-Gasinska, T. Szemberg), geometry of open surfaces (K. Palka),  toric bundles (O. Kedzierski, O. Ozturk),  plane algebraic curves via intersection theory of moduli spaces of curves (M. Borodzik), and classical
algebra and combinatorics (series of lectures by A. Lascoux in the framework of a research group organized by IMPANGA in May/June 2008).

         31.05.2008T. Maszczyk: The Buermann-Lagrange formula vs. "Highest law" of Hoene-Wronski (pdf)

         3.06.2008:   M. Marcinkowska: The legacy of Hoene-Wronski in Library of PAN in Kornik.

         4.06.2008K. Macioszek: The Bott theorem and decompositions of  loop spaces.

         5.06.2008A. Lascoux: Euclidean algorithm (pdf)

          plus informal discussions

ACADEMIC  YEAR  2008/2009

This year has no main streams. Perhaps the most represented topics are Calabi-Yau manifolds (S. Cynk, M. Kapustka, S.-T. Yau), Thom polynomials (O. Ozturk and P. Pragacz) and linear systems (M. Dumnicki, B. Harbourne, J. Roe, H. Tutaj-Gasinska, T. Szemberg). Also: algebraic geometry in positive characteristic (A. Langer),  cohomology theories for singular spaces (A. Weber). Lectures on other subjects were delivered by: G. Banaszak, F. Bars, M. Halenda, J.-M. Hwang, T. Maszczyk. Talks at the Special Seminar and Conference organized by S. Janeczko et al. on the occasion of 60. Birthday of our dear maternel Institute of Mathematics of Polish Academy of Sciences included the following speakers: F. Catanese (regular surfaces), F. Hirzebruch, G.-M. Greuel, Le Dung Trang (singularities of curves), and S.-T. Yau.

           1. F. Hirzebruch : Hilbert Polynomials in Algebraic Geometry and Topology, 
           2. S.-T. Yau: Geometry of  moduli space of curves and algebraic manifolds, 
           3. G.-M. Greuel: Asymptotic Bounds for Singularities on Algebraic Curves.

ACADEMIC  YEAR  2009/2010 

This year has no main streams. Many different subjects, many different speakers. Here are the main subjects: singularities (resolutions, Thom polynomials, theta divisors, knots,
logarithmic differenial forms, Monster tower), moduli spaces, Calabi-Yau manifolds, Seshadri constants, symplectic manifolds, K3 surfaces, Mori theory, and others.
We ended the year with Impanga Summer School on Algebraic Geometry to celebrate the 10th anniversary of  IMPANGA. During the School a concert of piano
music was given by Pawel Wakarecy - a future finalist of the International Chopin Competition in Warsaw (October 2010).