Stefan Rolewicz, Professor

Ph.D.: Univ. of Warsaw 1958, habilitation: IM PAN 1962, title of professor: 1970

Present scientific interest: Applications of Functional Analysis and Theory of Metric Spaces to Optimization. Paraconvex analysis. Drop property.

My main interest over the last few year is mathematical optimization, in particular application of functional analysis to optimization. I wrote a book concerning optimization of linear systems Functional analysis and control theory (two Polish editions 1974, 1977, German edition 1976, English edition 1987). Now I am mainly interested in optimization over metric spaces. Theory in which I am working now can be called convex analysis without linearity. Together with D. Pallaschke I wrote a book Foundation of Mathematical Optimization, in this subject.

Previous: Theory of Non-locally Linear- Metric Spaces. Locally convex algebras.

I have started my scientific work in the theory of non-locally linear-metric spaces. I wrote a book about the subject Metric linear spaces (first edition 1973, the second one 1985). Together with D. Przeworska-Rolewicz I was working in the algebraic approach to the theory of linear operators and we wrote a common book Equations in linear spaces (1968). Together with W. Żelazko I wrote a series of papers on linear topological algebras.

In the paper On orbits of elements I gave the first example of hypercyclic operator in Banach spaces. The theory of hypercyclic operators is now develop very fast.

In the paper On drop property I introduce drop property and investigate its property. After this paper several authors were working in the subject. Recently I also come back to it.

Professional Affiliations and Activities

In the Institute I am working in the Division of Differential Geometry and Mathematical Physics.


I am a member of Editorial Boards of the following journals:

Applicationes Mathematicae,

Commentationes Mathematicae,

Control and Cybernetics,

Zeitschrift für Analysis und ihre Anwendungen,

Scientiae Mathematicae Japonicae


Other Selected Publications:

Stefan Rolewicz


I was born in March 15, 1932. My mother Hanna died in the time of war at 1944. My father Jerzy, mechanical engineer, died in 1951, at the day when his enterprise was nationalized.

I married Danuta Przeworska January, 1952. She is at present a professor at the Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences. We have 2 sons: Jerzy, born 1954, mechanical and electrical engineer and Jan, born 1959, a geologist engineer and a specialist in computer sciences. Both are married and have children.

I have obtained M.A. in Mathematics at the University of Warsaw, Ph.D at University of Warsaw in 1958 Dr. Sci. (habilitation) at the Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences in 1962, and the title of professor, granted by the Council of State, in 1970.

I have been appointed at the University of Warsaw 1954-1958 as an assistant and aspirant. Since 1946, I am appointed at the Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, since 1970 as a professor.

After my return from Moscow , where I was attending in I.M. Gelfand seminar, in 1961 I started to collaborate with people working in Engineering. Several years I was a member of Scientific Council of Institute of System Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

At the moment, I am author (or co-author) of more than 160 scientific papers and 4 books.

13 persons granted Ph. D. under my supervision.

I was several time invited for lectures to Canada, USA, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Soviet Union, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, China, France, Greece, Yugoslavia, England, Sweden, Italy, Australia.

Longer visit abroad:

Among obtained awards: S. Banach award of the Polish Mathematical Society (with D. Przeworska-Rolewicz) in 1968. Award of Polish Academy of Sciences

In years 1969 -77 I was a treasurer of the main office of Polish Mathematical Society and I was that President of Warsaw Branch in years 1983-87.

I was organized the Publishing House of our Institute (1989) and I was its Head till March 2006.