Transfinite methods in Banach spaces and algebras of operators

    How to get to Poznań or Będlewo

    • The conference will take place at Będlewo Conference Center which is located in Będlewo in Poland. The nearest bigger city is Poznań (approx. 25 km). Unless you come by your own transportation you want to arrive in Poznań and go to Będlewo Conference Center by transportation provided by the organizers (other transportation is hardly and certainly rarely available and advised only for well seasoned travellers).
    • A few weeks before the conference the final schedule for the transportation will be created based on an online form where the confirmed participants will provide their arrival details
    • Poznan Airport. It has good connections to major European airports.
    • Poznan Main Rail Station. There are frequent trains from Warsaw and Berlin to Poznań, each taking less than 3 hours.
    • Buying a train ticket within Poland
    • More on how to get to Będlewo

    Meeting places in Poznań on afternoon/evening of Sunday 17.07.2016

    • At the Poznań Airport (Ławica)
    • At the Poznań Main Rail station (Poznań Główny)
    • Poznań Main Rail station is attached to a big new shopping mall which includes food court, cafes etc. It is a reasonable place to spend some time if you need to wait but are not up to exploring the city.
    • Meeting times will be send later by e-mail - different paricipants may be expected to meet at different times due to their different arrival time and the limited numer of places in a given vehicle.



Local Committee


  • If you have any questions please write to