Transfinite methods in Banach spaces and algebras of operators


    • Meals at the conference are: buffet breakfast, served lunch and buffet supper
    • Vegetarian meals may be requested at the Conference Center


    • The currency in Poland is Polish Złoty - PLN, you can check the exchange rate here, other currencies is usually not accepted
    • There is no ATM/Banking machine in Będlewo, the closest one is 10km from the conference center
    • You can exchange euros/USD at the reception but the rate is about 0.2PLN less than at exchange places in Poznań. The best solution is probably to withraw some cash from a banking machine/atm at the airport or at the train station
    • On the other hand there will not be many opportunities to spend money in Będlewo, the main one is at the bar or for extra wine, beer etc., with you meals, you may need to pay for a taxi on the way back to Poznań if you do not go on the bus at 9 am. The taxi is about 120PLN incuding the discount for the Conference Center, we will attempt to help people to share taxis. However there is some number of services you may be interested in (e.g., laundry) that may require Polish cash.


    • The most striking feature of the climate in Poland in the summer is very early sunrise (during the conference around 4.40 am), the window blinds often are not sufficient, so we strongly suggest that you take a sleep mask with you
    • The weather may vary from cloudless week with the temperatures above 35C or rainy week with the temperatures around 18C. During the night the tempreture is usually below 20C. If you believe in weather forcasts, you may have a look here.


    • A few weeks before the conference the final schedule for the transportation will be created based on an online form where the confirmed participants will provide their arrival details. Note that however, the waiting time may be considerable.
    • There will be two pick-up places afternoon/evening of Sunday 17.07.2016: Poznań Airport (Ławica) and Poznań Main Rail station (Poznań Główny), detailed directions to the meeting places will be posted at the directions subpage, the hours of the pick-up will be sent individually by e-mail a few days before the conference
    • On the way back there will be just one big bus taking everyone back to Poznań (both Main Rail station and the Airport), leaving on Saturday 23.07.2016 around 9 am and arriving in Poznań before 11 am.
    • It is possible to order a taxi from the Conference Center to Poznań paying a discount price about 120PLN (around €30). Being at the Conference Center it is possible to arrange a pick-up in Poznań as well. Talk to the receptionist.


    • If you come independently to the Conference Center on 17.07, the check-in time is 2pm

    Other Information

    • The electrical outlets in Poland are like in continental EU, 220V, here you can find detailed information. If you need an adapter, look for it at a major airport (not in Poznań).
    • There is a tiny general store in Będlewo, 500 meters form the conference center
    • Będlewo Conference Center is part of the Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IM PAN) and its Banach Center. Besides standard conference facilities, it offers discussion rooms with blackboards and flip charts, and it has a fitness room, a bar, a 24h reception desk, and free car parking. All rooms have private bathrooms.
    • You can order laundry in the conference center. It costs 10PLN per bag of laundry + drying (in a dryer or the classical way). The loundry is handled by the staff, you need to leave the bag with your loundry with them. Ask for this service at the reception.
    • The conference center is surrounded by extensive gardens. Swimming is possible in a nearby (3km) lake.
    • On one evening during the conference a campfire will be organized with a barbecue composed of regional specialities.
    • The region of "Greater Poland", in which Będlewo is situated, was the scene of the emergence of the Polish state around 1000 years ago (960-1040). These dramatic events left many traces in the vicinity of the conference center.



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  • If you have any questions please write to