Trends in set theory, Warsaw 8.07-11.07.2012 The conference has finished
Main speakers
A. Avilés (Murcia)
J. Brendle (Kobe)
M. Džamonja (UEA Norwich)
M. Elekes (Rényi Institute)
S. Geschke (Hausdorff Center)
R. Haydon (Oxford) (canceled)
M. Hrušák (UNAM Morelia)
A. Kechris (Caltech)
W. Kubiś (AV ČR and UJK Kielce)
J. Lopez-Abad (ICMAT Madrid)
S. Shelah (Jerusalem and Rutgers)
S. Solecki (Urbana-Champaign)
L. Nguyen Van Thé (Aix-Marseille)
S. Thomas (Rutgers)
S. Todorčević (CNRS and Toronto)
T. Tsankov; (Paris 7)
A. Törnquist (København)
B. Veličković (Paris 7)
P. Zakrzewski (Warszawa)
J. Zapletal (AV ČR and Gainesville)
This conference will focus on the interactions between set theory and other parts of mathematics, from Banach spaces and C*-algebras to topological groups, sets of the reals, general topological spaces, and others. This includes both the advances concerning appropiate set-theoretic tools from forcing theory, Ramsey theory, descriptive set theory or other branches of set theory as well as concrete applications of these methods in the mathematical practice.
Talks and photos
You can see the slides from the talks here. The links to the photos from the conference are here. Please share with us your photos.

We expect the participants to arrive in Warsaw on Saturday, July 7 afternoon/night. On that day they should check in at the hotels. The distribution of the participants in the hotels can be found from here. The talks will start at 9 am on Sunday, July 8 and will last four days till Wednesday, July 11 evening. We expect that people would leave on Thursday, July 12 before noon.
6th European Congress of Mathematics
The 6th European Congress of Mathematics will be held in Krakow in the days 2.07-7.07. Saharon Shelah is a plenary speaker at the Congress. Alexander Kechris and Stevo Todorcevic are invited speakers. All participants of Trends in Set Theory are encouraged to participate in the Congress. They will have train tickets (second class) from Krakow to Warsaw reimbursed by the conference. Our conference has now the status of an official satellite conference to the Congress.

Registration is closed now.
Grants for young researchers
Applications for financial support and shared accomodation are closed now.
If you have any questions, please write to at
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Organization and support
The conference receives financial support from the following sources: The scientific committee of the conference consists of:
The conference will take place in the Stefan Banach International Mathematical Center which is a part of the Mathematical Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences and is located at 8 Sniadeckich Street in the heart of Warsaw. The main conference room has capacity of 100 people. This is the upper bound for the size of the conference.
Some invited speakers will stay at the guest apartments of the Mathematical Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences at the site of the conference. For the remaining main speakers and most of the participants we have made a group reservation at MDM hotel which is located about 200 meters from the conference site. Supported graduate students and young researchers will stay in the hotel of The Sport and Recreation Center (OSiR) located about 600 meters from the conference site. More information about accomodation is available here.