Workshop on set theoretic methods in compact spaces and Banach spaces, Warsaw, April 17-21, 2013

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Some hotels within walking distance

The main speakers, organizers and supported Ph. D. students will stay at the guest apartments of the Mathematical Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences at the site of the conference. Remaining participants should make individual arrangements,. The following hotels have been tested and are suggested by the organizers:

  1. Metropol Hotel (***) 12 min walk - better services and often lower prices than MDM.
  2. MDM Hotel (***) 1 min walk - very convenient, very busy.
  3. Sport and Recreaction Center Hostel (**) 10 min walk - newly renovated, very nice, limted services, only basic breakfast.
  4. Novotel (****) 13 min walk - higher quality and prices.
Www sites

Quite often you can get better deal if you use a site like one of the following, we also tested these sites all over the world:

List of participants with reservations at the Metropol hotel
  1. G. Plebanek,
  2. S. Todorcevic
Guest rooms/appartments of the Mathematical Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences
These rooms/appartments at ul. Śniadeckich 8 in Warsaw, tel.: 22 522 8100, are reserved for some invited speakers, supported Ph. D. students and some organizers. There are several types of the appartments, all with private bathroom and single beds, some with kitchens. Here is the list of participants who have reservations at the Academy and particular instructions for them. For directions see see the directions to the conference venue here.
Warsaw University accommodation - "Sokrates"

A limited ammount of accommodation is available at Warsaw University housing. It is low cost, limited services accommodation at Sokrates Hotel. This place legaly is not a hotel and has no star. According to Polish law it runs "hotel services" (usługi hotelowe). Of course there are many better hostels closer to the conference site, but at this one it is possible to get a lower rate, making a reservation through the university. This is for participants with tight budget.

It is about half an hour by walk and subway to the conference site. If you choose this option there is a limited possibility of getting a single or double room with bathroom at the university guest rate (90PLN single/night (around 20 euros), 141PLN double/night). You can see the details at the webpage of Sokrates Hotel. In case you want it, please indicate it in our registration form and you will be contacted by the organizers and may be asked to go through particular reservation arrangements. We will expect your commitment at an early date.

If you stay at this place we cannot help you much in resolving practical problems because the place is far away from the conference site. So you are on your own. The area is a bit remote and for example we do not know any restaurant around. At the hotel there is a cafeteria open till 8 pm serving Polish popular dishes. This option is mainly ment for Polish participants used to and enjoying local limitations or for Ph. D. students for whom the price is the main factor. However a curious, easygoing and more seasoned foreign traveler should not be afraid of the place either.
We made the following reservations at Sokrates:

  1. Piotr Drygier
  2. Beata Deregowska and Barbara Lewandowska
  3. Slawomir Szczepaniak
Participants with these reservations will be contacted by the organizers and asked to provide details and payments.