Workshop on set theoretic methods in compact spaces and Banach spaces, Warsaw, April 17-21, 2013

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Local Support Group
We will be happy to assist you in reality during the conference. Most likely we will look for the information on our webpage and will show it for you or print it for you. Do not hesitate asking questions which already have answers on the webpage. One of the goals of the webpage containg lots of information is that we have a good place where we can search for information when assisting you.
Before and during the conference you may send your inquires to the above address. We will make efforts to respond promptly. Please send it from the e-mail address you gave us during the online registration so that it is filed properly. Gmail resources do for us lots of work sorting, searching and keeping records. If you ask questions by e-mail, our answer may be complete and you may be able to check it anytime.
Piotr Koszmider
Mikołaj Krupski
Witek Marciszewski