Bucharest, November 10, 2001


  1. Institute of Mathematics and Informatics of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,
    G. Bonchev str., bl. 8, BG-1113 Sofia
  2. "Alfréd Rényi" Institute of Mathematics, Hungarian Academy of Science; MATHIAS Center of Excellence of the European Commission
    Realtanoda utca 13-15; HU-1053 Budapest
  3. Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences; IMPAN-BC Center of Excellence of the European Commission
    ¦niadeckich 8; PL-00-950 Warsaw
  4. "Simion Stoilow" Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy; EURROMMAT Center of Excellence of the European Commission
    Calea Grivitei 21; RO-70700 Bucharest
have agreed upon the following Cooperation Programme.

  1. We organize a scientific research network in Pure Mathematics and Applications aiming to encourage joint research teams and common training programmes.
  2. We shall promote the scientific collaboration through mutual scientific visits for research in the following fields of crucial significance on which we have common expertize:
    1. algebraic geometry and commutative algebra;
    2. combinatorics and its applications;
    3. cryptology;
    4. differential equations and numerical methods;
    5. operator algebras, mathematical physics and non-commutative geometry;
    6. geometric analysis;
    7. differential geometry, topology and singularity theory;
    8. approximation theory;
    9. stochastical mathematics;
    10. functional analysis and operator theory;
    11. complex analysis and potential theory.
  3. We propose to organize in common a 3 week conference and summer school on "Algebraic Geometry" in 2003.
  4. We propose to organize in 2002-2003, three more conferences and schools on subjects to be specified later on.
  5. We agree to enhance communication between our research teams and students from Universities in our countries through:
    1. lecture series of 2, 4 or 6 weeks delivered by researchers from our centers and addressed to students (master or PhD level) from partner centers, presenting some of the research domains and results from the home Institute;
    2. to elaborate doctoral training programmes of common interest and encourage the mobility of master and doctoral students for training, common research or jointly supervised thesis;
    3. to encourage exchanges of junior researchers on post-doctoral positions.
  6. We shall organize a web page of our Network and create efficient links between our web pages in order to improve information exchange.
  7. We shall organize yearly meetings of the executive officers of the participating institutes in order to analyse the past activity and propose specific projects for the coming year.
  8. We shall conjugate our efforts and apply for financial and logistic support from the European Commission, NSF and NATO in order to develop our infrastructure, communication facilities and specific research and training activities.
  9. We consider our Network as a core for European Excellence Networks.

Inst. Math. Inf. Bulgarian Acad.

"Alfréd Rényi" Inst. Math.

Inst. Math. Polish Acad.

"Simion Stoilow" Inst. Math.

Dr, Andrey Andreev

Scient. Secr.

Dr. Gyula Katona


Dr. Dezsó Miklós

Deputy Director

Dr. Feliks Przytycki

Scientific Director

Dr. Serban Basarab


Dr. Radu Purice

Scient. Secr.