In the academic year 2017/18, Seminar IMPANGA meets twice per month for a one day session on Friday, with two 60 min. talks:

I. 10:30-11:30
II. 13:00-14:00
(unless stated otherwise).

A standard venue of the seminar is Room 403 at IM PAN, Warszawa, Śniadeckich 8.

In 2017/18 IMPANGA is organized by Christophe Eyral, Michal Kapustka and Piotr Pragacz.

See you at  IMPANGA,


Information on former meetings of the IMPANGA seminar

September 11-15
impanga 356-365

Impanga Workshop ''Periods and Ricci flat manifolds''

October 6
impanga 366

1. Wojciech Kucharz, Introduction to regulous geometry

2. Grzegorz Kapustka, On the Morin problem

October 20
impanga 367

1. Stefan Schroer, Total separable closure

2. Dorota Blinkiewicz, Local to global principle for semiabelian varieties

November 17
impanga 368

1. Piotr Pokora, On the weak bounded negativity conjecture for blow-ups of the complex projective plane

2. Maciej Denkowski, On the Kuratowski convergence and algebraicity

November 24
impanga 369

1. Jakob Stix, Anabelian geometry with étale homotopy types

2. Piotr Achinger, Etale homotopy and wild ramification

December 8
impanga 370

1. Jaroslaw Wisniewski, Complex contact manifolds and torus action

2. Masha Vlasenko, Atkin and Swinnerton-Dyer congruences for toric hypersurfaces

December 22
impanga 371

1. Agnieszka Bodzenta, Tilting relative generators for birational morphisms

2. Michał Kapustka, Hodge equivalent Calabi-Yau threefolds with GLSM interpretation

January 12
impanga 372

1. Sławomir Rams, On quintic threefolds with triple points

2. Bartosz Naskręcki, Hypergeometric motives of low degrees

January 26
impanga 373

1. Grzegorz Oleksik, Tworzewski's extended intersection index and Lê numbers in the case of line singularities

2. Eleonora Romano, The "Positivity Problem": an introduction and recent developments

March 2
impanga 374

1. Tomasz Pełka, Classifying planar rational cuspidal curves

2. Giovanni Mongardi, Special symmetries in O'Grady's manifolds

March 16
impanga 375

1. Halszka Tutaj-Gasińska, Bounds for Waldschmidt constants

2. Sławomir Cynk, Orphan double octic Calabi-Yau manifolds

April 6
impanga 376

1. Tadeusz Mostowski, The gradient conjecture of R. Thom and the non-oscillation conjecture

2. Justyna Walewska, Arnold's problem on monotonicity of the Newton number for surface singularities

April 20
impanga 377

1. Kieran O'Grady, Compact Tori associated to hyperkähler varieties of Kummer type

2. Mike Roth, Roth's theorem for arbitrary varieties, and other Diophantine applications of local positivity

May 11
impanga 378

1. Adam Parusiński, New results on Zariski equisingularity

2. Adam Parusiński, Algebraic stratified general position and transversality

May 18
impanga 379

1. (in Gdańsk) Piotr Karwasz, Contractions of Calabi-Yau manifolds

2. (in Gdańsk, "The Twentieth Andrzej Jankowski Memorial Lecture") June Huh, Hard Lefschetz and Hodge-Riemann for finite geometries