The Baltic Set Theory Seminar

  • The Baltic Set Theory Seminar started in February of 2021, and has taken the form of online learning seminar.
  • Spring 2022

    1. Finish the proof of Neeman's Handbook Article, Determinacy in L(R).
    2. Learn a new Stationary-Tower-Free Proof of Woodin's Sealing Theorem, which lifts the well-known absoluteness theorems for L(R) to the collection of the universally Baire sets.
    3. Learn about virtual models.

    Useful Info

    1. Meeting Days: Friday
    2. Meeting Time: 15:30--17:00
    3. Zoom Info:
    Join Zoom Meeting:
    Meeting ID: 880 5399 8471
    Passcode: 947882


  • As this is a learning seminar, the schedule is not fixed. The following is a rough outline.
  • 4-5 talks by Sargsyan on Neeman's Determinacy of L(R)
    Sargsyan will finish the remaining topics of Neeman's Determinacy of L(R)
  • 2-3 talks by Sandra Mueller on Stationary-Tower-Free proof of Sealing
    Mueller will present a proof of Sealing from supercompacts and a class of Woodin cardinals using genericity iterations. The proof is due to Mueller, Wisclo and Sargsyan, and builds on the work of Sargsyan-Trang.
  • The remaining lectures will be devoted to Virtual Models and will be presented by the Paris group and will be organized by Boban Velickovic.