Blossoming bijection for bipartite pointed maps and parametric rationality of general maps of any surface


We construct an explicit bijection between bipartite pointed maps on an arbitrary surface $\mathbb{S}$, and specific unicellular blossoming maps on the same surface. Our bijection gives access to the degrees of all the faces, and distances from the pointed vertex in the initial map. The main construction generalizes recent work of the second author which covered the case of orientable surface. Our bijection gives rise to a first combinatorial proof of a parametric rationality result concerning the bivariate generating series of maps on a given surface with respect to their numbers of faces and vertices. In particular, it provides a combinatorial explanation of the structural difference between the aforementioned bivariate parametric generating series in the case of orientable and non-orientable maps.

Adv. in Appl. Math., 141, Paper No. 102408, 2022