Czesław Olech, professor

Ph. D.: IM PAN 1958, habilitation: IM PAN 1962

Main fields of research interest: ordinary differential equations and mathematical theory of optimal control.

Contributions to O.D.E.: various applications of Wa/zewski topological method in studying asymptotic behaviour of solutions, exact estimates of exponential growth of solution of linear second order differential equations with bounded coefficients, theorems concerning global asymptotic stability of the autonomous system on the plane with stable Jacobian matrix at each point of the plane, results establishing relation between question of global asymptotic stability of an autonomous system and that of global one-to-oneness of a differentiable map, contribution to the question whether unicity condition implies convergence of succesive approximation to solutions of ordinary differential equations.

Contribution to control theory: estabilishing a most general version of the so-called bang-bang principle for linear control problem by detailed study of the integral of set valued map, existence theorems for optimal control problem with unbounded controls and multidimensional cost functions, existence of solution of differential inclusions with nonconvex right-hand side, characterization of controllability of convex processes.

Doctor Honoris Causa AGH University of Science and Technology