Karol Palka

Associate Professor, Institute of Mathematics, Polish Academy of Sciences


The Algebra & Geometry of Modern Physics  (KMMF and IMPAN)

Affine Algebraic Geometry seminar (IMPAN)


Jarosław Ławnicki, MSc 2021
Embeddings of curves into algebraic surfaces and the complement problem

Tomasz Pełka, Ph.D 2019 (Hons)
Q-acyclic surfaces and the Negativity Conjecture

Jakub Pawlikowski, MSc 2017
Boundaries of quasi-projective surfaces

Tomasz Pełka, MSc 2015
Planar cuspidal curves with C**-fibered complements

Older coures

McGill University and Concordia (Montreal):

     Topics in Algebraic Geometry (graduate course, Math 722)
     Applied Linear Algebra (Math 270)
     Linear Algebra and Geometry (Math 133)
     College Algebra (Math 202)

University of Warsaw and Polish Academy of Sciences:

     Complex algebraic surfaces
     Mirror symmetry seminar
     Algebra 1: groups, rings
     Algebra 2: fields, Galois theory
     Differential geometry
     Analytic functions
     Discrete mathematics