Articles from : "Parameter Spaces",  
Banach Center Publications 36 (1996) edited by P. Pragacz.
(Since this volume is no more available, and the second edition is very problematic,
the Publisher gave permission to download papers from this volume.)

Autor Title
G.Barthel, J.-P. Brasselet, K.-H. Fieseler and L. Kaup Invariante Divisoren und Schnitthomologie von torischen Varietaten
M.Brion Piecewise polynomial functions, convex polytopes and enumerative geometry
M. Brion The push-forward and Todd class of flag budles
J. B. Carrell Vector fields,residues and cohomology
G. Duchamp and S. Kim Intertwining spaces associated with q-analogues of Young symmetrizers in the Hecke algebra
C. Faber Intersection-theoretical computations on Mg
L. Gottsche Orbifold-Hodge numbers of Hilbert schemes
T. Johnsen Plane projections of a smooth space curve
A. Lascoux, B. Leclerc and J.-Y. Thibon Twisted action of the symmetric group on the cohomology of a flag manifold
P. Pragacz Symmetric polynomials and divided differences in formulas of intersection theory
S. A. Stromme Elementary introduction to representable functors and Hilbert schemes
A. Thorup Parameter spaces for quadrics
A. Yekutieli On adelic Chern forms and Bott residue formula