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Professor emeritus

Institute of Mathematics,  Polish Academy of Sciences
(in Polish: Instytut Matematyczny Polskiej Akademii Nauk) ( =  IM PAN)

postal address: ul. Śniadeckich 8, 00-656 Warszawa, Poland

+48 22 5228 236
      fax: +48 22 6293997

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  P. Pragacz(wat)impan(dotw)pl

I have completed recently my Complete Works in 4 volumes.
Volume 1 contains papers 1-29.
Volume 2 contains papers 30-59.
Volume 3 contains papers 60-75.
Volume 4 contains other publications,
translations, reeditions and notes.

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is an algebraic geometry seminar, created at IM PAN in 2000.
      Since 2020, I am Honorary Chairman of Impanga.


       Accademia Peloritana dei Pericolanti in Messina, created in 1729,
       is one of the most remarkable Academies of the world.  Its
       Corresponding Member was, e.g., S.-S. Chern - my mathematical
       hero, and many others.
Since 2016, I am Corresponding Member of
   Accademia Peloritana dei Pericolanti


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I am interested in formulas (mainly algebraic)
that give us interesting insights to geometry.

For the moment, I am interested in comparison of the Łojasiewicz
exponent and the order of tangency (see publications [74, 75]).

My professional activity, since 2000, is related to IMPANGA
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on the logo:

IMPANGA (Algebraic
                  Geometry at IM PAN)


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Some of my recent activities:

In 2021:

January 4: I got the volume: "Schubert  Calculus and Its Applications
in Combinatorics and Representation Theory",  Springer 2020.

June 13: The paper with Eyral and Mostowski on the Łojasiewicz exponent accepted.

July 11-17: Conference IMPANGA 20 on Schubert varieties.

October 8: Seminar IMPANGA 423 on the occasion of my retirement.

L. Darondeau has proved a remarkable formula in "Isotropic Kempf--Laksov flag bundles".

In 2022:


At the end of the mathematical part of this homepage you can find "Humor in mathematics"
"Humor w matematyce" Konspekt Nr 1/2007 (28), 106-116 (in Polish)
(In the reference [Z], the last part of the webpage changed to: \quotes.html )

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The remaining part of my homepage is more private,
and is related mainly to art and nature:

No Art, No Life


~100 things which impressed me most (in Polish)

"Zaszafie" (in Polish)

Warsaw Philharmonic

Japanese Garden

Mini-gallery by Maria Ksyk (in Polish)

Maria Ksyk: painting and graphic art (in Polish)


Lao Tsy "Droga":

Prawdziwą służbą Mędrca
Jest pracować w milczeniu,
Bo nie racje, lecz spełnienia
Są nauką tego, który
Wszystkim jednakowo służy.

Każdemu użycza, nie odrzucając nikogo,
Ożywia tysiące rzeczy, nie próbując ich posiadać,
A co pozostawia przechodząc,
Niczym go nie wiąże.

Chociaż wiele ma zasług,
nie przyjmuje wyróżnień.
Dlatego zawsze jest wyróżniony.


Ester Ledecka   (Pyeongchang 2018)
This young Lady showed us how to compete
in sport, but the same applies to mathematics.



Here is a couple of pictures:

With Alain Lascoux - my teacher (Nankai University, October 1999)

Kyoto (March 2011)

In Taizo-in

With Shigefumi Mori

With my daughter in Murin-an

With Shigeru Mukai


On "Philosophers Path" (December 2008)

After my talk at RIMS with (from left) Matsuki, Mori and Mukai (April 2016)

With Friedrich Hirzebruch and Adam Parusiński (May 1998)

With Lagrange in Torino (October 2004) - picture by Letterio Gatto

With Ramanujan in Kumbakonam (March 2009)

In the house of Ramanujan in Kumbakonam (March 2009)

With Mariko and Mutsuo Oka (rainy June 2014)
        with Mariko      and also
A Tea house (October 2014)

With Shigeru Mukai (June 2016)

After my talk in Edinburgh with Michael Atiyah (November 2016)

Accademia Peloritana Messina (May 2017)      after a lecture   

At IMPANGA 20 in Będlewo (July 2021)

About the front page: the picture there shows some detail of my garden. I share the opinion
of Hermann Fuerst von Pueckler-Muskau (1785-1871), who once said:
''Wer mich ganz kennenlernen will, muss meinen Garten kennen, denn  mein Garten ist mein  Herz."