(Selected) talks: transparencies, presentations, scans of notes

Title Date(s)
Double Sylvester sums for Euclidean division and multi-Schur functions, The heritage of I. Schur's 1901 dissertation, Gregynog Hall, Wales. 4.06.2001
Computing with divided differences for classical groups, CBMS Conference on Algebraic Combinatorics, N.C.S.U., USA; Feza Gursey Institute, Istanbul. 8.06.01/13.06.11
Subresultants and Schur functions, Algebraic Geometry, Algebra, and Applications, Borovetz, Bulgaria. 24.09.2003
Multiplying Schubert classes, Politechnico Torino; METU-Bilkent Ankara.
Bezoutians, Euclidean algorithm, and orthogonal polynomials, Impanga 92; AAD Antalya; Harmonic Analysis Bedlewo; CMI Chennai; IIT Mumbai; Feza Gursey Institute, Istanbul. 7.01.05/22.05.05/1.09.05/13.06.11
Funktory Schuberta (Schubert functors) - in Polish,  IM PAN Warszawa.
Thom polynomials, Colloquium  at Tata Inst. for Fund. Res.
Diagonal subschemes and vector bundles, Impanga
"Point" and "diagonal" properties of algebraic schemes , AAG, UAM Poznan
"Wielomiany Thoma" II FMP PTM Czestochowa  (in Polish)
Presentation: Thom polynomials and Schur functions  -  short version  (Cortona, June 2009)
Presentation: Thom polynomials and Schur functions - long version  (Warszawa and Poznan,  May 2009)
Presentation: Positivity of Legendrian Thom polynomials, Sao Carlos  July 2010
Presentation: Life and work of Hoene-Wronski (prepared for a talk at Accademia Peloritana, Messina, December 2010)
Presentation: Positivity in global singularity theory, RIMS Kyoto, March 2011
Presentation: Singularities and positivity, Feza Gursey Institute, Istanbul, June 2011
Glossary to the presentation, page 1
Glossary, page 2
Presentation: On positivity of Thom polynomials, Hefei, July 2011
Presentation: Seminarium Wydzialowe IM UJ, Krakow 10.11.2011
Presentation:  Seminarium Osobliwosci, Gdansk-Krakow-Warszawa
Presentation: Schubert calculus conference , Osaka, July 2012 27.07.2012
Presentation: Pushing forward Hall-Littlewood polynomials  (Moscow November 2015, Sapienza Rome November 2019, Krakow April 2021, Ohio State University May 2021, IMPANGA May 2021) 25.11.15/28.07.21
Presentation: On a certain family of B-modules (IMPANGA  15, Bedlewo April 2015) 16.04.2015
Scan of notes: On diagonals of flag bundles (IMPA Rio de Janeiro, May 2015) 22.05.2015
Scan of notes: On diagonals of flag bundles I p. &  II p.  (Lab. Alg. Geom.  HSE, Moscow November 2015) 25.11.2015
Scan of notes: Duality for Grassmann bundles (IM UJ, Krakow October 2016) 17.10.2016
Scan of notes: Duality for Grassmann bundles (Hodge Institute, Edinburgh November 2016) 10.11.2016
 Presentation: Order of tangency between manifolds  (Krakow April 2018, Budapest  June 2018, Warszawa  April 2019, Cargese May 2019,
Messina  July 2019, Okayama October 2019)
  Presentation: Order of tangency between manifolds   (Sapienza Rome November 2019) 21.11.2019
Scan of notes: Flag bundles, Segre polynomials, and push-forwards  ( Szczecin  April 2019,  Messina July 2019,  RIMS Kyoto October 2019,  Sapienza  Rome November 2019) 02.11.19/13.11.19
Scan of notes: Gysin maps, duality, and Schubert classes (Sapienza Rome November 2019) 18.11.2019
Scan of notes: Tangency and regular separation  (IM PAN Warszawa March 2020)
Presentation: Tangency and regular separation:  Lojasiewicz exponent and hyperplane sections  [90 min.]  (Lodz June 2020  online) 30.06.20/10.09.20
Presentation: The Lojasiewicz exponent, hyperplane sections, and order of tangency  [60 min.]    (UJ Krakow November 2020 online)