Seminar  IMPANGA

ACADEMIC  YEAR  2010/2011 (During this academic year, the seminar was directed by Slawomir Cynk and Adrian Langer)

  • impanga 197 (22.10.2010) Adrian Langer: K4: 4-dimensional analogues of K3 surfaces ;  Slawomir Cynk: Non-liftable Calabi-Yau spaces.

  • impanga 198 (05.11.2010)  Grzegorz Kapustka: On O'Grady's conjecture about varieties K4 ;  Grzegorz Zwara (UMK): Connections of Schubert varieties with  representations of quivers.
        IMPAN Graduate Colloquium (05.11.2010): Grzegorz Zwara:
Three fundamental theorems on representations of associative algebras
  • impanga 199 (19.11.2010) Thierry Limoges (Nice) : The weight filtration for real algebraic varieties ;   Piotr Pragacz: Introduction to the January 2011  Berczi's lectures: Thom polynomials and the Green-Griffiths-Lang conjecture. 
  • impanga 200 (17.12.2010)  Tomasz Maszczyk:  Algebraic groups quantizedCelebration of the 200th Impanga meeting  ;   Jaroslaw Wisniewski:  Symplectic contractions.
          18.01.2011: Gergely Berczi (Oxford) : Equivariant localization and iterated residues.

Gergely Berczi: Thom polynomials of singularities via equivariant localization.

        plus informal discussions

      For abstracts of some talks in the following, see

  • impanga 202 (21.01.2011)  Gergely Berczi: Jet differentials and the Green-Griffiths conjecture ;  Mark Pankov (UWM): Grassmannians of classical Tits buildings.
      IMPAN Graduate Colloquium (11.03.2011)  Wojciech Kucharz: Transcendental submanifolds of projective space      IMPAN Graduate Colloquium (25.03.2011)  Andrzej Sitarz (UJ): Noncommutative Geometry - a panoramic view
      IMPAN Graduate Colloquium (06.05.2011)  Lukasz Kubat: Some ring-theoretical properties of plactic algebras