Suggested by Paolo Aluffi:

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Suggested by Joerg Schuermann:

"Besides the bibliography already suggested by Paolo Aluffi, I would especially recommend the following papers in relation to my approach to the theory of Lagrangian cycles."

(1) Sabbah,C.: Quelques remarques sur la ge'ome'trie des espaces conormaux. Ast. 130, 161-192 (1985)
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"Here I have of course ommited related work in the language of D-Modules and constructible sheaves (like Ginsburg, Kashiwara, Schapira, ...)."
"With respect to the theory of constructible functions, one can also look at:"

(5) Fulton,W.,MacPherson,R.: Categorical framework for study of singular spaces. Memoirs of the AMS 243, chapter 6 (1981)
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"I have also put some of my preprints on the arXiv-server."

Other references:

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