Mini-School on Characteristic Classes
of Singular Varieties


Paolo Aluffi (MPI Bonn), Joerg Schuermann (Uni-Muenster)


Piotr Pragacz (Warszawa, IM PAN), Andrzej Weber (Warszawa, UW)


Jean-Paul Brasselet (Luminy), Slawomir Cynk (Krakow, IM PAN), Marcin Dumnicki (Krakow, UJ), Swiatoslaw Gal (Wroclaw, UWr), Oskar Kedzierski (Krakow, UJ), Grzegorz Kapustka (Krakow, UJ), Michal Kapustka (Krakow, UJ), Gary Kennedy (Ohio State Univ.), Krzysztof Nowak (Krakow, UJ), Kamil Rusek (Krakow, UJ), Tatsuo Suwa (Hokkaido Univ.) and Mathematicians from Warsaw.


The arrival day is Monday, 22nd April, the lectures will start on Tuesday, 23rd April in the morning. The last lectures will be on Saturday, 27th and the departure day is Sunday, 28th.


Suggested by Paolo Aluffi and Joerg Schuermann


Apart of the two mini-courses by Paolo Aluffi and Joerg Schoermann there is a possibility to deliver some additional talks during afternoons. We are looking forward to possible proposals. So far we announce the following TALKS.


The lectures will take place at the BANACH CENTER. It is located in the building of the Institute of Mathematics at 8 Sniadeckich str., 4th floor (office - room 426). The lectures will start on Tuesday, April 23rd, in the room 403.
9.25 - Opening and Welcome;
9:30 - 10:30 - 1st lecture by Paolo ALUFFI;
10:30 - 11:00 coffee/tee break
11:00 - 12:30 - 1st lecture by Joerg SCHUERMANN;
lunch break
afternoon : informal discussions
(The additional talks by G. KENNEDY, T. SUWA, AND J.-P. BRASSELET are provisorially scheduled on Wednesday- , Thursday-, and Friday-afternoon respectively.)

Here is a sketchy map of the neighbourhood of the Institute of Mathematics in postscript.
A map of the whole city is here.


For most of the participants we have booked rooms directly at the Banach Center. Other participants will stay at the Hotel Oficyna Wydawnicza PW. We will distribute relevant information directly to the participants a week before the school.



(distance about 12 km)
BUS 188 - 20-30 minutes to the stop Metro Politechnika in Trasa Lazienkowska St., about 400 m from the Institute (see the plan).
TAXI - you may order the taxi by telephone (number 919); for more information ask at the information desk. With high probability when you just exit the hall at the airport where you picked up your luggage, some "taxi drivers" will ask you whether you want a taxi. An advice is not to take such "taxis" since they could charge you much more than the official fare.


(distance about 1.5 km)
BUS 131, 525 or 505 - 10 minutes to Plac Konstytucji, about 50 m from the Institute.
TRAM 19 - (direction "Mokotow"), Get of the tram at its 4th stop (Metro Politechnika), about 150 m from the Institute (see the plan).


The bus-tram tickets can be bought at the newspaper stands or some other stands signed Sprzedaz biletow ZTM.
The prices of the city transport (bus-tram-underground):
single fare 2,40 zl,
single fare (workdays, 9 a.m.--2 p.m.) 2,00 zl,
single fare (night, bus 601--612) 4,80 zl,
60 minutes 3,60 zl,
90 minutes 4,50 zl,
120 minutes 6,00 zl,
24 hours 7,20 zl,
3 days 12,00 zl,
7 days 24,00 zl,
1 piece of luggage (*) 2,40 zl,
(*) An object is a laguage if an only if the sum of 3 dimensions is greater then 120 cm.
Each ticket should be validated in a bus (tram, underground station) at the beginning of the first trip. If you have a luggage, you have to punch additional 2.40 zl. ticket for each piece of luggage.


If you want to take a taxi, it is better to take a taxi available at the taxi stand - city taxi having telephone number on top (especially 919 and 96 21, 96 22). Price of a taxi during a day is about 1.60 - 3.00 zl/km (depending on the taxi company, the price should be put on the door; on Sundays, holidays and in the night 50% more) + the initial fee about 5 - 10 zl. It is recommended to ask about the approximate cost before the trip.
The price from the airport to BC should not exceed 50 zl (about $13). The price from the railway station to BC should not exceed 20 zl (about $5).


At the Warsaw Airport and at the Central Railway Station there are exchange offices. The current exchange rate is 1$ approx. 4.05 zl. Practically almost all world currencies (major or not) can be exchanged in both directions at banks or exchange stands (called KANTOR), however to be sure that there will be no problem to exchange your money into Polish currency, an advice is to have major world currencies like US$, Euros, Swiss francs, Japanese yen. In banks you can exchange your travel cheques. In most shops, restaurants, hotels, major credit cards are accepted (VISA, Master Card, American Express, ...). In banks you can get cash advance from your credit card.


To make a call from a public phone, you can use phone tokens or a magnetic telephone card which can be purchased at the same places as bus tickets. In Poland the international exit code is 0-0 (that means 0 signal 0) + code of the country + .... For instance to the US/Canada: 0-01 + area code + tel number, France: 0-033 + number (without 0 after 33) Long distance calls can be made from the magnetic card telephone at the ground floor of the Institute.


The Banach Center is situated in the centre of Warsaw in the vicinity of numerous restaurants where participants may take their meals.
See information about some nearby restaurants.