Rigidity (study group)

The group meets on Wednesday, 10:00-12:00, at IMPAN (room 403). From 10:00 to 10:30 we discuss the research project and from 10:30 to 12:00 there is a talk. To join the group please come to one of the meetings. If you wish to give a talk, please contact Masha Vlasenko.

Here is the schedule of talks:
Sep 19Fuchsian theory of linear differential operators [1, Sections 2-3]Stiofáin Fordham
Oct 3Monodromy of hypergeometric differential equations (Levelt's theorem) [2]
optional sub-topic: criterion of algebraicity (Beukers-Heckman)
Nathan Ilten
Oct 10Proof of the rigidity theorem [2]Iryna Raievska
Oct 17Regular singularities and monodromy [3, Section 1]Maryna Raievska
Oct 24Construction of a cyclic vector, after Katz [3, Section 2]Stiofáin Fordham
Oct 31Riemann--Hilbert correspondence [4]Wojciech Wawrów
Nov 7Riemann--Hilbert correspondence (continued)Wojciech Wawrów
Nov 21Gauss--Manin connection with explicit examples [5]Maryna Raievska
Nov 27Project discussionMasha Vlasenko
  1. F. Beukers, Gauss' hypergeometric function
  2. F. Beukers, Hypergeometric functions of one variable
  3. A. Haefliger, Local theory of meromorphic connections in dimension 1 (Fuchs theory), Chapter III in Borel et al, Algebraic D-modules
  4. B. Malgrange, Regular connections, after Deligne, Chapter IV in Borel et al, Algebraic D-modules
  5. K. Kedlaya, p-adic cohomology: from theory to practice