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02.07.2017 - 08.07.2017 | Będlewo


By plane

If you are coming by plane, you should fly to the Poznań airport (POZ).

By train or bus to Poznań

There is a direct connection between Poznań and Berlin (it takes under three hours), as well as all major Polish cities. There are also bus connections to many European transport hubs.

Travel from Poznań to Będlewo

By taxi from Poznań to Będlewo

We will get in touch with all the participants in advance and will arrange a taxi pickup at the airport or railway station as needed. The pre-arranged cost of the taxi (for up to five people) is 110 PLN (the rate is flat for the whole trip, irrespective of the pickup time, including late night). If necessary, we will arrange for a bus pickup for more people (at comparable cost). You should not try to get a taxi by yourself, especially by picking one up at the airport – the charge could be even four times as much.

By train from Poznań to Będlewo

You can get from the Poznań Airport to the main railway station (Poznań Główny) by city bus number 59 or 48. The current fare is 4.60 PLN and the ride lasts about 20 minutes, timetables can be found here: line 59, line 48. The last stop of the bus, Rondo Kaponiera, is about 700 m from the main railway station.

From the Poznań main railway station, you should take a train to Mosina. The tickets are bought at the station (for around 7 PLN).

The Mosina railway station is around 9 km from the Conference Center in Będlewo. The fare for a taxi should be around 50 PLN (we can arrange a pickup there as well).

From Wrocław to Będlewo

For participants in the satellite meeting, we will arrange a bus from Wrocław directly to Będlewo (the cost of which should be under 15 euro). Otherwise, you can take a direct train to Mosina (not Poznań) and then take a taxi to Będlewo. Note that Wrocław is quite far from Będlewo, so unless you are participating in the satellite meeting, you should not fly there.

Return trip

We will organize shuttles to Poznań (including the airport and the main railway station) after the conference. If there is enough interest, we may also organize a bus from Będlewo back to Wrocław (otherwise, you can get there by train).

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