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19.04.2020 - 22.04.2020 | Będlewo

How to get to Bedlewo

Conference Center in Bedlewo is located 26 km southwest from the center of Poznan. The most convenient way to get here from Poznan is to take a TAXI. Approximate cost (from Poznan airport) is 100zl (approx 25 Eu). It is possible to arrange a TAXI for you in advance. If you want to have TAXI booked in this way, please send an e-mail to kepczynski@math.uni.wroc.pl. Then taxi with logo of Bedlewo Center will wait for you at the place indicated in the e-mail.

How to come to Poznan?
--Fly to Warsaw, then take a train to Poznan (train Warsaw - Poznan takes about 3 hours)
--Fly to Berlin, then take a train to Poznan (train Berlin - Poznan takes about 3 hours).
--Fly to Poznan.
--By train from many European cities (if the distance to Poznan is reasonable).


Travel by car
 --If you travel by car, you can plan your route using Map of Poland, where you can get more or less detailed maps of regions of Poland (choosing an option zbliz - oddal in the upper-right-hand corner). See also a map of the neighbourhood of Bedlewo.

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