Multivariate and mixed linear models

27.03.2022 - 02.04.2022 | Będlewo & Online (hybrid)



10:30 Jolanta Pielaszkiewicz "Comparison of statistical tests via distribution of p-values"

11:00 Malwina Janiszewska "Quasi shrinkage estimation of block structured covariance matrix"

11:30 Carlos Coelho "One-way high-dimensional MANOVA -- the impossible happens" (10:30 Lisbon time)

12:30 Yuli Liang "Testing hypothesis related to covariance structures belonging to quadratic spaces under  doubly multivariate models"

13:00 Monika Mokrzycka "Discrepancy between structured matrices in the context of power study"

13:30 Adam Mieldzioc "Improved estimation of linearly structured covariance matrices"

14:00 break

15:30 Mateusz John "Wald test for independence under block compound symmetry covariance structure"

16:00 Daniel Klein "Statistical inference for two-level multivariate data"



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