Filip Rupniewski


Secant Varieties Working Group 2018/2019

(follow up to Secant Varieties Working Group of Varieties: Arithmetic and Transformations)

meetings take place on:
Wednesdays 11:30-13:00, room 403

in the winter semester:

  1. 9.01.2019,
  2. 16.01.2019,
  3. 23.01.2019,
  4. 30.01.2019,
  5. 6.02.2019,
  6. 13.02.2019,
  7. 20.02.2019,


Research problems we try to address:

  1. Find equations of secant varieties that do not vanish on cactus varieties.
  2. For a fixed tensor find criteria for  to have border rank equal to .
  3. High rank loci. For let be the closure of tensors in which have rank equal to . Is there an equality between  and   for ,  where denotes the join of  and ?

We are open to discuss any issues related to secant varieties, cactus varieties, tensor rank, Waring rank, and their border/cactus analogues, identifiability, apolarity, Hilbert schemes of points etc.


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