Teresa Ledwina, professor

Ph. D.: 1976 IM PAN, habilitation: 1987 Wrocław University, title of professor: 1994

My main research interests are focused on construction and investigation of properties of tests of statistical hypotheses. I also deal with development of techniques useful for asymptotic comparison of tests.

Early studies concerned exact tests for multiparameter exponential families with finite support. In particular, new test for Hardy-Weinberg Law in population genetics has been constructed. The class of all admissible tests for composite null hypotheses against one-sided alternatives on multivariate exponential distributions with finite support has been described.

Further research focused on nonparametric testing problems. New rank tests for independence have been constructed and investigated. Novel approach for deriving bounds for probabilities of tails of large class of statistical functionals has been developed. By use of these techniques, we have been able to derive several types of large deviations results as well as to link the behaviour of tails of exact and asymptotic distributions and to explain equivalence of several measures of efficiency.

Recently, data-driven goodness of fit tests using Schwarz criterion and Neyman smooth statistics have been introduced and developed. Several new tests have been constructed and compared with classical ones via extensive simulations and theoretical considerations of their efficiency and power. Techniques aimed at comparison of powers of tests and calculation of their efficiencies have been developed.

List of selected publications (till 1994)

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List of publications (since 1994)

1. Published journal articles and reports:
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R package for data driven smooth tests is available at http://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/ddst/index.html

R codes for TEST (2012) are available here.