Lecture notes from the schools of IMPANGA to download  (2002-04)

(the revised versions of these notes plus some other articles appeared in "Topics in cohomological studies of algebraic varieties;
Impanga lecture notes"
in: Trends in Mathematics, Birkhauser 2005)

Title Date
Lectures on characteristic classes of singular varieties by Paolo Aluffi (28 pp.) 29.11.2002
Lectures on characteristic classes of constructible functions by Joerg Schuermann (34 pp.) 29.11.2002
Lectures on Gromov-Witten invariants and quantum cohomology of Grassmannians by Harry Tamvakis (25 pp.) 28.06.2003
Lectures on Morse functions and cohomology of homogeneous spaces by Haibao Duan (29 pp.) 04.03.2004
Lectures on geometry of flag varieties by Michel Brion (57 pp.) 02.05.2004
Lectures on combinatorial K-theory by Anders Skovsted Buch (12 pp.) 06.05.2004
Lectures on algebraic K-Theory of schemes by Marek Szyjewski (61 pp.) 07.06.2004