Seminar  IMPANGA   2010-2015

ACADEMIC  YEAR  2010/2011

  • impanga 197 (22.10.2010) Adrian Langer: K4: 4-dimensional analogues of K3 surfaces ;  Slawomir Cynk: Non-liftable Calabi-Yau spaces.

  • impanga 198 (05.11.2010)  Grzegorz Kapustka: On O'Grady's conjecture about varieties K4 ;  Grzegorz Zwara (UMK): Connections of Schubert varieties with  representations of quivers.
        IMPAN Graduate Colloquium (05.11.2010): Grzegorz Zwara:
Three fundamental theorems on representations of associative algebras
  • impanga 199 (19.11.2010) Thierry Limoges (Nice) : The weight filtration for real algebraic varieties ;   Piotr Pragacz: Introduction to the January 2011  Berczi's lectures: Thom polynomials and the Green-Griffiths-Lang conjecture. 
  • impanga 200 (17.12.2010)  Tomasz Maszczyk:  Algebraic groups quantizedCelebration of the 200th Impanga meeting  ;   Jaroslaw Wisniewski:  Symplectic contractions.
          18.01.2011: Gergely Berczi (Oxford) : Equivariant localization and iterated residues.

Gergely Berczi: Thom polynomials of singularities via equivariant localization.

        plus informal discussions

      For abstracts of some talks in the following, see

  • impanga 202 (21.01.2011)  Gergely Berczi: Jet differentials and the Green-Griffiths conjecture ;  Mark Pankov (UWM): Grassmannians of classical Tits buildings.
      IMPAN Graduate Colloquium (11.03.2011)  Wojciech Kucharz: Transcendental submanifolds of projective space      IMPAN Graduate Colloquium (25.03.2011)  Andrzej Sitarz (UJ): Noncommutative Geometry - a panoramic view
      IMPAN Graduate Colloquium (06.05.2011)  Lukasz Kubat: Some ring-theoretical properties of plactic algebras

ACADEMIC  YEAR  2011/2012

In 2011/12, Impanga will work one time per month via 2-3 days sessions on some {(Thursday), Friday, Saturday}. Often, these sessions will be parts of some Banach    Center Research Groups. The choice of the concrete date of a session will depend on the possibilities of the main speakers, and will be given about one month in advance. During each session, the participants of Impanga will have possibility to report on their own research which can be on different subject than the main theme of the session.

       Preliminary plans:

      In Oct: we shall have a Research Group at Banach Center :  The Ubiquity of Wrońskians .

      In Nov: we shall have in IM PAN a series of lectures by Piotr P. Karwasz (Nancy) on selected topics in singularities (time: 17-19.11.).

      In Dec: we shall have a Research Group at Pedagogical University in Cracow, organized by Tomasz Szemberg. It's title is "Okounkov solids", and time: 15-17.12.

      In Jan:  we shall have a series of lectures by Ludmil Katzarkov (Vienna) probably on the spectra of derived categories (time: the second week of Jan.).

      In Feb: we shall have the break between the winter and spring semester.
      In March:  we shall have - probably - a series of lectures by Jean-Paul Brasselet (Marseilles).

      In April: we shall have a Research Group organized by Grzegorz Kapustka (Zurich), probably on the O'Grady Conjecture (time: 12-14.04.2012).

      In May:  we shall have activities organized by Karol Palka (Montreal).