We collect here some


(places) which can be attractive for the Impanga people. This is done simply by answering querries of the Impanga Seminar participants.

About Warsaw:

Piotr P. Karwasz asked:

Where to sleep

during an Impanga session in Warsaw? This is very good question since a substantial
number of mathematicians gets good ideas while sleeping.  Answer: Probably the optimal place is the mini-hotel of IM PAN, Śniadeckich street 8 (see Contact).

Sławek Rams asked:

What is played at the National Filharmony? 

This is a very good question indeed, because mathematicians (e.g., PP) often get good ideas while attending concerts at Filharmony. Please consult: National Philharmony.

There is another remarkable locus in Warsaw as for what concerns music (mostly classical
but not only):  Lutosławski Studio

Warsaw is rich in music on different kind, level etc. Our colleagues from Warsaw University
will perform in Auditorium Maximum 200 Bach cantatas to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Alma Mater! 

Everybody asks:

Where to eat

near BC? This is a very good question since mathematicians often discuss maths while eating.

- Probably the easiest solution is to go to the Vietnamise Bar Hoa Lan, Śniadeckich 12.

- Another easy choice is "U Szwejka", Plac Konstytucji 1 (the entrance from Waryńskiego

People who like Polish food in a peasant version can try "Chłopskie Jadło" , Plac Konstytucji 1 (the entrance from Waryńskiego street).

- For those who like traditional Polish home made food, the bar "Przysmak", Lwowska
street 11, directed by Mrs Wanda, can be recommended. This was the favourite place of Professor Łojasiewicz.

- Tomek Szemberg recommends the restaurant  "Lanse", Plac Konstytucji 1 (the entrance
from Marszalkowska street).

- For wegetarians: usually they go to "Green Way", Marszałkowska street 28.

Many ask:

Where to walk?

This is a very good question since mathematicians often get good ideas while walking. The Łazienkowski Park is an excellent place for a walk, and is situated not far from BC.


About Kraków:

Where to sleep?

An "academic" place to sleep that can be recommended is   Pigoniówka
 - " S. Pigoń Professors' Hostel", Garbarska 7a. This is a traditional accommodation of
scientists visiting the Jagiellonian University. The prices are not too low, but the relation of quality to the price is much more interesting than in other places.

In Kraków, you can find hotels of all main international networks, however you should
carefully check the location. The Pedagogical University is located less than 2 km west from the Main Market (Rynek Główny), so any location on the south side of the Wisła river is unfortunate.

Where to eat?

- The best option is to go to the Old Town (the area surrounded by a Park called Planty, in the place of the medieval city walls built in XIV century.

In this area there is a big variety of restaurants serving a traditional Polish food:

Nostalgia (Karmelicka 10)
Wesele (Main Market Square 10)
Krew i Róża (Grodzka 9)
Chłopskie Jadło (peasants food - Jana 3)

Some international food is available at:

Trattoria Mamma Mia (Karmelicka 14)
Trattoria Soprano (Anny 7)
Carlito (Florianska 7)
Cyrano de Bergerac (Sławkowska 6):
"... wonderful place, Cyrano de Bergerac restaurant proposes best French dishes in one of the most charming Cracow cellar. The prices are not too low, but the relation of quality to the price is much more interesting than in other high-standard locals. "
Lonely - planet

- and many, many other places at all main streets in the Old Town.

A special place is Kazimierz - the former Jewish quarter with enormous variety of restaurants  (PP recommends "U Doroty".)

I know only a few vegetarian places:

Vega (Krupnicza 22)
Green Way (Mikolajska 14)
A special place is the salad bar Chimera  (Anny 3 in a courtyard, with restaurant in
a beautiful celler).

If you like tea, go to  Tea Celler Czarka  , Florianska 13.

Where to walk ?

- the best option for a walk is the Old Town from the Main Market Square to the Wawel Hill
with the Royal Castle, with enormous number of interesting restaurants and churches to visit.

In the evening you can visit one of pubs providing live jazz music (e.g.  U Muniaka  Florianska 3).

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