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We are pleased to announce a semester in a range of topics in algebraic geometry. The program is a part of series of research oriented Simons Semesters at the Banach Center in Warsaw (Poland). The Targeted Grant to Institutes of Simons Foundation is administered at IMPAN (Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences). Supplementary funding is provided by IMPAN and the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MNiSW).

One of the previous semesters also concerned algebraic geometry: miniPAGES (April 18-June 18, 2016). The list of other semesters is available here.

Application is now open!

Application deadline: March 1, 2018 (with funding)
Aug 1, 2018 (without funding)

Focus points


In addition to the events listed below, weekly activities will be held at the Banach Center in Warsaw and at the University of Warsaw. These will include research seminars, lectures, and lecture series given by the leaders of our program. Participation of postdocs and PhD students will be especially encouraged.

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Week I (Sep 1-8) Week II (Sep 10-14)
Week III (Sep 17-21) Week IV (Sep 24-28) Week V (Oct 1-5) Week VI (Oct 8-12)
Week VII (Oct 15-19)
Week VIII (Oct 22-26)
Week IX (Oct 29-31) (Nov 1st is a holiday in Poland)
Week X (Nov 5-9)
Week XI (Nov 12-16)
Week XII (Nov 19-23)
Week XIII (Nov 25-Dec 1st)

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All dates are approximate:



Arithmetic of Differential Equations

Sep 2–8, 2018


School and workshop

Varieties and Group Actions

Sep 23–29, 2018



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