Homotopy algebras, deformation theory and quantization

16.09.2018 - 22.09.2018 | Będlewo (Poland)


Book of abstracts


The conference will start with the following introductory courses to lay the grounds for a fruitful interaction between the participants. 

  • Giovanni Felder Derived representation schemes and supersymmetric gauge theory 
  • Simone Gutt  Deformation theory and group actions
  • Sergei Merkulov Graph complexes in algebra and geometry - recent advances 
  • Ping Xu  Dg manifolds, formality theorem  and Kontsevich-Shoikhet conjecture

Invited taks:

  • Martin Bordemann (Bi)modules in smooth deformation quantization: old and new, and (non)formality
    Kenji Iohara  On Lie algebras of generalized Jacobi matrices
    Andrey Lazarev Strong homotopy and differential graded categories associated to topological spaces and simplicial sets
    Michael Penkava
    Infinity and cyclic infinity algebras, cohomology and applications
    Norbert Poncin Derived D-geometry
    Christoph Schweigert More about modular functors
    Oleg Sheinmann Quantization of Lax integrable systems

Contributed talks

  • Ziemowit Domański Deformation quantization on the cotangent bundle of a Lie group
  • Arthemy Kiselev The Kontsevich graph orientation morphism revisited
  • Hany Nasry Clifford algebra in sensor fusion and coordinate transformation
  • Andriy Panasyuk On linear-quadratic Poisson pencils on gl(3)
  • Leonid Ryvkin Darboux type theorems in multisymplectic geometry
  • Akifumi Sako Twisted Fock representation of Kähler manifolds and Hermitian-Einstein metrics from noncommutative U(1) instantons
  • Yunhe Sheng Deformations and their controlling cohomologies of O-operators (generalized Rota-Baxter operators)

Young Researchers Session

  • Jill Ecker The Low-Dimensional Algebraic Cohomology of the Virasoro Algebra
  • Satyendra Kumar Mishra On Deformations of Courant pairs and Poisson algebras
  • Safdar Quddus Noncommutatative algebraic torus and its algebraic properties
  • Marcel Rubió Homotopy of singular varieties via L∞ pairs
  • Kirill Salmagambetov Towards derived algebraic supergeometry

Poster Session

  • Matt Booth The derived contraction algebra
  • Malte Dehling TBA
  • Pier Paolo La Pastina Deformations of VB-algebroids
  • Takahiro Matsuyuki Obstruction theoretical construction of characteristic classes of a fiber bundle


  • 16Sep

    Arrivals, registration

  • 22Sep


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