Graduate school on Industrial applications of stochastic modeling followed by European Study Group with Industry

10.03.2019 - 22.03.2019 | Warsaw


Monday, March 11th, room 321

  • 10.15-11.45 A. Ekert, Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford & Centre for Quantum
  •                     Technologies, National University of Singapore, Fellow of Royal Society
  •                     Quantum entanglement (lecture notes)
  • 12.00-13.30 T. Pennanen, Kings College,
  • 14.15-15.30. Coffee break and tea, room 409
  • 15.30-17.00 A. Wyłomańska, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology,
  •                     Stochastic-based approach in the industry applications

Tuesday, March 12th, room 321

Wednesday, March 13th, room 321

Thursday, March 14th, room 321

Friday, March 15th, room 321


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