The algebra of the Yang-Baxter equation

10.07.2022 - 16.07.2022 | Będlewo

Practical Information

Location: Będlewo conference center



Travel information (for those attending on-site):

- arrival is expected on Sunday, July 10, in the afternoon (evening meal will be provided),

- departure on Saturday, July 16 (conference activities will be finished on Friday).

one should plan travel to Poznan (by plane or by train from Berlin or Warsaw);

and then from Poznan to Bedlewo (the distance is a bit more than 30 km)

A taxi or a minibus to Bedlewo can be arranged by the conference center for those who want it.

If you provide us with approximate arrival time to Poznan using the following form; then we might organize the arriving participants in groups that can share expenses.

The current cost is 140 PLN per taxi 450 PLN for a minibus that might take more participants; if organized through the Bedlewo center. (Please, avoid using unregistered taxis!)


The conference fee

 - the basic fee (full board accommodation) for participants is around 1080 PLN.

This can be paid in Bedlewo by cash or by a credit card in Polish currency only (or by a bank transfer made before the arrival).

Those who want to pay by bank transfer should contact algebra.yangbaxter@gmail.com or one of the organizes.


Approximate current exchange rate is 1Euro = 4,65 PLN.

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