During this academic year, the seminar was directed by Piotr Pragacz.


October 11-18

Research Group "The ubiquity of Wrońskians" at the Banach Center (BC) organized by PP (chair) and Grzegorz Kapustka.
(Impanga 209-217)

November 18,19

Two working days at BC including three lectures by Piotr P. Karwasz (Nancy/ Gdańsk) on selected topics in singularities, and lectures by Maciej Borodzik and Halszka Tutaj-Gasińska.
(Impanga 218,219)

December 15-17

Research Group " Okounkov solids " at the Pedagogical University in Cracow, organized by Tomasz Szemberg.
The web subpage by the organizer.

(Impanga 220-224)


Winter break

February 23-24

Three lectures of Ludmil Katzarkov at BC accompanied by lectures of Piotr Krasoń, Adrian Langer and Mateusz Michałek.
(Impanga 225-227)

March 1-3

Workshop on 'etale cohomology  at BC, organized by Przemysław Chojecki and Adrian Langer.
The web subpage by the organizers.
(Impanga 228-230)   
PS. So many young people!   :)

April 11-14

Research Group " Hyperkaehler manifolds" at BC organized by Jarosław Buczyński  and Grzegorz Kapustka.
The web subpage by the organizers.
(Impanga 231-235)

May 11-12

Four lectures by Jean-Paul Brasselet   at BC.
(Impanga 236,237)

May 31- June 2

Workshop on Weil conjectures  at BC, organized by Piotr Achinger and Przemysław Chojecki.
The web subpage by the organizers.
(Impanga 238-241)

June 12-14

Research Group " Affine Algebraic Geometry " at BC organized by Mariusz Koras and Karol Palka.
The web subpage by the organizers.
(Impanga 242-247)

July 9

Talk by Sylvain Cappell  at BC in Warsaw
(Impanga 248)

(The end of Impanga activities in 2011/12)