Beyond Uniform Hyperbolicity

23.04.2023 - 05.05.2023 | Będlewo

Poster Session

  • Marisa Cantarino Rigidity of u-Gibbs measures for surface partially hyperbolic endomorphisms
  • Ygor de Jesus An ergodicity criterion for certain hyperbolic diffeomorphisms and flows
  • Juan Sebastian Forero Cardozo Markov map induced associate to a partially hyperbolic diffeomorphism
  • Catalina Freijo Continuity of the Lyapunov exponents of non-invertible random cocycles with constant rank
  • Ruihao Gu Topological and Smooth Classification of Anosov Maps on Torus
  • Juan Carlos Mongez Robust uniqueness of the equilibrium states for some partially hyperbolic systems
  • Gamze Özel Kadilar A Study on the Low-Dimensional Dynamics
  • Gustavo Pessil A convex analysis approach to the metric mean dimension: limits of scaled pressures and variational principles
  • Graccyela Salcedo Pirela Contracting on average and uniqueness of the stationary measure for random dynamical systems
  • William Wood Infinitely many gaps in the spectrum of Anderson-Bernoulli Model

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