Beyond Uniform Hyperbolicity

23.04.2023 - 05.05.2023 | Będlewo

Travel info

The Conference Center in Będlewo is located about 30 km south-west from the centre of the city of Poznań. In order to get to Będlewo you should first reach Poznań.

You can fly directly to Poznań Ławica International Airport from many European cities. The airport is well-connected with the main train station Poznań Główny, which is close to the city center, by public transport. The bus stops of the city line 159 are located right in front of the passenger terminal.

Alternatively, you can fly to Warsaw or Berlin and take a train to Poznań (3-4 hours from Warsaw or 3 hours from Berlin). In order to get from Warsaw Chopin Airport to Warsaw Central Railway Station you need to take a city bus line 175. You can find more info here.  For train connections between Warsaw/Berlin and Poznań please consult the Polish Railways (PKP) webpage or the German Railways (DB) webpage. You can buy a ticket directly through these webpages using a credit card. You can also buy a ticket directly at the station. Please note that at the Warsaw Central Station you can use ticket machines, apart from the ticket office. Note also that the intercity trains require seat reservation and they can be crowded, especially in the afternoons, so it is advisable to buy a ticket in advance. Additionaly, the earlier you buy your ticket, the better price offer you can get. Participants attending the minicourses in Warsaw before the conference are advised to take an Intercity train No 18106/7 to Poznań departing from Warsaw Central railway station on Sunday, 23 April at 1:32 p.m. (arriving 5:15 p.m. at Poznań Główny).

The conference will last 2 weeks. The expected arrival day is Sunday, 23 April 2023 (afternoon/evening), and the departure day is Friday, 5 May 2023 (afternoon). Rooms in the conference hotel will be reserved by the organizers so please do not make reservations on your own. In each week the talks begin on Monday morning (24 April & 1 May) and end on Friday afternoon (28 April & 5 May).

The organizers will arrange a conference bus (free of charge) which will take the participants from Poznań to the Conference Center in Będlewo (approx. 40 minutes ride). The bus will depart on Sunday, 30 April 2023 at 17:45 (5:45 p.m.) from Poznań Główny railway station. For the exact location of the bus stop please zoom in on the map above.


If you are planning to reach Poznań earlier, i.e. on Saturday, 22 April you can stay in Poznań overnight reserving a hotel on your own or take a taxi to the conference center in Będlewo. In the latter case you will be accommodated and served meal(s) in Będlewo but you need to pay for that additional one-night stay by yourself. The price is 240 PLN per night (full boad accommodation).  Please inform us about your earlier arrival as soon as possible. The best way to take a taxi from Poznań to Będlewo is to call the Conference Center office, number (+48) 61 813 51 87 or (+48) 61 669 83 11. The stuff will arrange a taxi to Będlewo for you (the cost is approx. 35 EUR).

On Friday, 5 May a conference bus will take the participants from the Conference Center in Będlewo back to Poznań. Participants attending the minicourses in Warsaw after the conference are advised to take an Intercity train No 83100 to Warsaw departing from Poznań Główny railway station on Friday, 5 May at 2:58 p.m. (arriving 6:27 p.m. at Warszawa Gdańska station which is located close to Dworzec Gdański metro station). It is possible you to stay a day longer after the end of the conference (i.e. till Saturday, 6 May) but you need to pay on your own for that extra night at the conference hotel (240 PLN).

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