In the academic year 2020/21, Seminar IMPANGA meets twice per month for a one day session on Friday, with two 60 min. talks:

I. 10:00-11:00
II. 11:15-12:15
(unless stated otherwise).

A standard venue of the seminar is Room 403 at IM PAN, Warszawa, Śniadeckich 8. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the seminar is currently being held online.

In 2020/21 IMPANGA is organized by Piotr Achinger, Christophe Eyral, Michal Kapustka and Piotr Pragacz - Honorary Chairman

See you at  IMPANGA,


Information on former meetings of the IMPANGA seminar

October 9
impanga 407 online!

1. Olivier Debarre, Some varieties with PSL(2,F_{11})-actions

2. Bert van Geemen, Limits of Hodge classes on decomposable abelian fourfolds

October 23
impanga 408 online!

1. John Christian Ottem, Enriques surface fibrations of even index

2. Ana-Maria Castravet, Blown-up toric surfaces with non-polyhedral effective cone

November 6
impanga 409 online!

1. Alexander Kuznetsov, Quadric bundles and hyperbolic equivalence

2. Sławomir Cynk, Hilbert modular double octic Calabi-Yau 3-fold

November 20
impanga 410 online!

1. Hélène Esnault, Special loci of Betti moduli

2. Stefan Schreieder, Algebraic cycles and refined unramified cohomology

December 4
impanga 411 online!

1. Claire Voisin, On the coniveau of rationally connected 3-folds

2. Mateusz Michałek, Complete quadrics: Schubert calculus for Gaussian models and semidefinite programming

December 18
impanga 412 online!

1. Christophe Eyral, On some properties of the Łojasiewicz exponent

2. Jacinta Torres, Minuscule exceptional Schubert varieties

January 15
impanga 413 online!

1. Evgeny Shinder, Factorization centers, Cremona groups and the Grothendieck ring of varieties

2. Vasudevan Srinivas, On stratified vector bundles in characteristic p

January 29
impanga 414 online!

1. Zbigniew Jelonek, Whitney theorem for complex polynomial mappings

2. Yohan Brunebarbe, Higher-dimensional Arakelov inequalities and applications to hyperbolicity

February 19
impanga 415 online!

1. Emma Brakkee, Moduli spaces of twisted K3 surfaces and cubic fourfolds

2. Ed Segal, Semi-orthogonal decompositions and discriminants

March 5
impanga 416 online!

1. Simone Diverio, Pointwise universal Gysin formulae and positivity of some characteristic forms

2. Gianluca Pacienza, Deformations of rational curves on primitive symplectic varieties and applications

March 19
impanga 417 online!

1. Diletta Martinelli, Gale duality, blowups and moduli spaces

2. Constantin Shramov, Birational automorphisms of Severi-Brauer surfaces

April 9
impanga 418 online!

1. Franz-Viktor Kuhlmann, Local Uniformization and the Defect

2. Dominik Burek, Higher dimensional Calabi-Yau manifolds of Kummer type

April 23
impanga 419 online!

1. Laurent Manivel, On the automorphisms of Mukai varieties

2. Chiara Camere, Projective models of Nikulin orbifolds

May 14
impanga 420 online!

1. Michael Temkin, Logarithmic resolution of singularities

2. Shinobu Hosono, Mirror symmetry of Calabi-Yau manifolds fibered by (1,8)-polarized abelian surfaces

May 21
impanga 421 online!

1. Piotr Pragacz, Pushing forward Hall-Littlewood polynomials

2. Claudio Fontanari, A fundamental theorem of the geometry on algebraic surfaces and the splitting principle

June 11
impanga 422 online!

1. Richard Rimanyi (special schedule 17:00-18:00), Some new directions in enumerative algebraic geometry

2. Ariel Molinuevo (special schedule 18:15-19:15), Rational pull-backs of toric foliations