In the academic year 2020/21, Seminar IMPANGA meets twice per month for a one day session on Friday, with two 60 min. talks:

I. 11:00-12:00
II. 13:00-14:00
(unless stated otherwise).

A standard venue of the seminar is Room 403 at IM PAN, Warszawa, Śniadeckich 8. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the seminar is currently being held online.

In 2020/21 IMPANGA is organized by Piotr Achinger, Christophe Eyral, Michal Kapustka and Piotr Pragacz - Honorary Chairman

See you at  IMPANGA,


Information on former meetings of the IMPANGA seminar

October 9
impanga 407 online!

1. Olivier Debarre, Some varieties with PSL(2,F_{11})-actions

2. Bert van Geemen, Limits of Hodge classes on decomposable abelian fourfolds

October 23
impanga 408 online!

1. John Christian Ottem, Enriques surface fibrations of even index

2. Ana-Maria Castravet, Blown-up toric surfaces with non-polyhedral effective cone

November 6
impanga 409 online!

1. Alexander Kuznetsov

2. tba

November 20
impanga 410 online!

1. Hélène Esnault

2. tba

December 4
impanga 411 online!

1. Claire Voisin

2. tba

December 18
impanga 412 online!

1. Christophe Eyral

2. tba