In the academic year 2018/19, Seminar IMPANGA meets twice per month for a one day session on Friday, with two 60 min. talks:

I. 11:00-12:00
II. 13:00-14:00
(unless stated otherwise).

A standard venue of the seminar is Room 403 at IM PAN, Warszawa, Śniadeckich 8.

In 2018/19 IMPANGA is organized by Christophe Eyral, Michal Kapustka and Piotr Pragacz.

See you at  IMPANGA,


Information on former meetings of the IMPANGA seminar

December 7
impanga 380
(in Kraków)

1. Robert Laterveer, Algebraic cycles and Verra fourfolds

2. Gilberto Bini, A Characterization of projective varieties of general type

December 14
impanga 381

1. Stanisław Spodzieja, The Łojasiewicz exponent of subanalytic sets

2. Adam Różycki, Lê numbers and Newton diagram

January 11
impanga 382

1. Tomasz Jędrzejak, The torsion part of the Mordell-Weil group of Jacobians of hyperelliptic and superelliptic curves

2. Piotr Pokora, Klein's arrangements of curves

January 25
impanga 383

1. Alice Garbagnati, On certain isogenies between K3 surfaces

2. Maciej Borodzik, Quasipositive links and algebraic curves

February 15
impanga 384

1. Joachim Jelisiejew, Special projections, Cremona transformations and eight points

2. Christophe Eyral, On the Zariski multiplicity conjecture for weighted homogeneous and Newton non-degenerate line singularities

March 1
impanga 385

1. Helmut Hamm, On the connectedness of the Milnor fibre

2. Adrian Langer, Nearby-cycles and semipositivity in positive characteristic

March 15
impanga 386

1. Piotr Krasoń, Linear relations in algebraic groups

2. Jarosław Buczyński, Webs of Legendrian projective spaces

March 29
impanga 387

1. András Némethi, The Abel map associated with normal surface singularities

2. Kristian Ranestad, Projective geometry of Wachspress coordinates

April 12
impanga 388

1. Javier Fernández de Bobadilla, Topological equisingularity of hypersurfaces with 1-dimensional critical set

2. Boulos El Hilany, Signed counts of real simple rational functions

April 26
impanga 389

1. Piotr Pragacz, Order of tangency between manifolds II

2. Michał Kapustka, Nodal Gushel Mukai fourfolds

May 10
impanga 390

1. Karol Palka, Recent progress in the theory of almost minimal models

2. Tomasz Pełka, Smooth Q-homology planes satisfying the Negativity Conjecture

May 24
impanga 391

1. Jörg Schürmann, (Degenerate) affine Hecke algebras and (motivic) Chern classes of Schubert cells

2. Wojciech Gajda, Semisimplicity of reductions and adelic openness for compatible systems over global function fields

June 7
impanga 392

1. Joseph M. Landsberg, Border apolarity and the complexity of matrix multiplication

2. Robin Guilbot, Embedded mirror symmetry: beyond complete intersections