Lecture notes from the schools of IMPANGA to download  (2005-07)

(the revised versions of these notes appeared in "Algebraic cycles, sheaves, shtukas, and moduli; Impanga lecture notes" in:
Trends in Mathematics, Birkhauser, 2007)

Title Date
 Exotic fine moduli spaces of coherent sheaves   by J-M. Drezet
Moduli spaces of coherent sheaves on multiple curves   by J-M. Drezet  25.11.2005
 Geometric invariant theory relative to a base curve   by A. H. W. Schmitt
Some applications of algebraic cycles to affine algebraic geometry   by V. Srinivas 01.04.2006
 Lectures on principal bundles over projective varieties   by T. L.  Gomez
  Introduction to the stacks of shtukas   by Ngo Dac Tuan 31.10.2006
Lectures on torsion-free sheaves and their moduli   by A. Langer
Notes on the life and work of Jozef Maria Hoene-Wronski   by P. Pragacz 30.05.2007
Miscellany on the zero schemes of sections of vector bundles   by P. Pragacz
Thom polynomials of invariant cones, Schur functions, and positivity  by P. Pragacz and A. Weber 29.05.2007