Baby-Horizons in Mathematics – Winter School for Students

24.11.2017 - 26.11.2017 | Będlewo

  The school takes place during two weekends (Friday midday-Sunday midday) in the academic year 2017/2018.

 The school is dedicated mostly to the students of the third year (the last year of  the so called "Bachelor's studies"), but other students are welcome as well.  The lectures are supposed to be understandable to students who have completed courses in calculus, linear algebra, algebra, topology, differential equations, probability theory, analytic functions, statistics, functional analysis.

 The aim of the school, as of the previous schools "Horizons in Mathematics", is to show students various possibilities (outside their Alma Mater) before they start to specialize. In this respect the focus on the students few months before Bachelors degree matches very well with the European system: Bachelor's studies, Master studies and the possibility of choosing a different university after Bachelor's degree. Moreover, meeting fellow students from other universities gives an invaluable experience at this stage of a career.

We intend to have 5-6 lectures every weekend which means 10-12 speakers. We have invited a few specialists representing a variety of fields in mathematics. We want the lectures to be both in theoretical an applied mathematics. We expect that each speaker will present an elementary problem trying at the same time to give a flavor of what their field of mathematics is. The talk is supposed to be understandable to students after basic courses. This means simplification, popularization, instead of presenting the most recent or the most important results of the speaker.

The school is partly sponsored by the Banach Center. For the students of Wrocław University the remaining part is financed  by the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science and so for them participation is free. The rest of the cost of one weekend for a participant ouside Wrocław University is 170 PLN. The payment can be done at a place by cash or card or by bank transfer before or within 14 days after the conference.

Bank transfer data:

​Instytut Matematyczny PAN, Warszawa, Śniadeckich 8

Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego Al. Jerozolimskie 7

00-955 Warszawa, Poland

IBAN: PL 48 1130 1017 0020 1467 1520 0002 (payment in PLN)


The deadline for registration is 17.11.2017.

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