Just a Little Calculation in Dynamics

13.08.2017 - 19.08.2017 | Będlewo


The conference will deal with certain new trends and current developments in the field of low-dimensional dynamics and its industrial applications.

The conference will honour Dr Tomasz Nowicki, one of leaders of the Warsaw School of Dynamical Systems at the University of Warsaw in the 1980-1990s, a student of Prof. Wiesław Szlenk, for the past several years working for IBM in the US.

The conference will focus on fields which were co-originated and developed by Tomasz Nowicki. One part of the conference will concern ergodic theory of one-dimensional real dynamics, mainly iterates of maps of interval. The theory was postulated in the 1970s and is still being developed. Wiesław Szlenk, Michał Misiurewicz and Andrzej Lasota laid the foundations for the theory by obtaining results concerning absolutely continuous invariant probability distributions (invariant measures). Topics connected to the research are techniques of thermodynamic formalism and stochastic properties. A number of lectures will concern topics of two-dimensional real dynamics (Henon and Lorenz attractors) and one-dimensional complex dynamics (Julia sets and Mandelbrot set). The conference will also feature talks on interval exchange transformations together with billiards in polygons and translation flows on flat surfaces and related Teichmüller flows. The second part of the conference will be dedicated to industrial applications of the theory which Nowicki has been studying throughout his career in IBM, e.g. digital printing. Dynamical systems theory and its industrial applications have affected each other in a positive way. H. Bruin, A. Goetz, M. Keane, B. Kitchens, M. Misiurewicz, S. van Strien, G. Świrszcz, C. Tresser, A. Zdunik and several outstanding junior mathematicians are among invited specialists in both areas.

Conference e-mail address: dynamics2017@impan.pl


Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences   Polish Academy of Sciences   Banach Center   Warsaw Center of Mathematics and Computer Science   National Science Foundation

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