Emerging issues in nonlinear elliptic equations: singularities, singular perturbations and non local problems

18.06.2017 - 24.06.2017 | Będlewo

 The goal of the workshop is to present recently emerging ideas in the theory of localized patterns of solutions to nonlinear 
 elliptic partial differential equations. Special emphasis will be laid on the formation of singularities, spatial segregation, blow- up
 phenomena, geometry of solutions of singular limit problems and existence and classification of entire solutions. Lately an
 enormous advances have been made in the theory of singularly perturbed semilinear elliptic PDEs and systems, theory of entire
 solutions, fully nonlinear problems and nonlocal problems, in particular those involving fractional elliptic operators. This progress
 was possible in large part thanks to development of new techniques based on ideas coming, among others, from differential
 geometry, geometric analysis and theory of integrable systems. By bringing together senior scientist, young researchers and
 students representing these various points of view in the theory of nonlinear elliptic PDEs the workshop will become a platform to exchange ideas, develop collaborations and define new directions. All groups should profit from this interaction.




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