Mini Conference on Industrial Applications of Mathematics

03.07.2017 - 04.07.2017 | Warsaw

  In te last years there is a growing interest in various applications of mathematics. This is a reason that a new discipline of   science - industrial mathematics was introduced. Development of new computational techniques as well as increasing power of modern computers and mathematical modeling allowed studying and solving the problems of surrounding us  world. Consequently an European network EU-MATH-IN was created with a Polish node PL-MATH-IN consisting of various centers working on applications of mathematics. One of the leaders is application of mathematics is Great Britain, where Royal Society for the first time in its history is organizing the conference  “Mathematics for the modern economy” (at the end of June 2017).

 Our aim is to organize a smaller conference inviting some speakers from that Conference with the help of British Ambassy. The Conference will last 2 and half day during which we expect: invited lectures and seminars at IMPAN, meeting of the Polish node of EU-MATH-IN and meeting in the British Ambassy with invited visitors from research and industry.





The conference is sponsored by: http://www.wcmcs.edu.pl/


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