11th International ISDG Workshop

13.07.2017 - 15.07.2017 | Warsaw

The 11th workshop continues the official biennial workshop odd-year series of the International Society of Dynamic Games (ISDG).

13-15th July 2017 | at Banach Center, Institute of Mathematics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Śniadeckich 8, Warsaw, Poland how to get here

Invited speakers:

Agnieszka Rusinowska, Université Paris I, France
Jérôme Renault, Toulouse School of Economics, France
Marko Lindroos, University of Helsinki, Finland

The topics include, but are not limited to the following:

 * Dynamic games and applications
 * Repeated games
 * Stochastic games
 * Learning and adaptive games
 * Mechanism design
 * Evolutionary games
 * Cooperative equilibria
 * H-infinity control and robust controller designs
 * Theory of optimal control and dynamic games
 * Numerical methods and computer implementation of game models                                                                                                                                                                                   Poster for download
 * Dynamic bargaining
 * Pursuit-Evasion games
 * Dynkin's game and its applications
 * Search, encounter and inspection games
 * Application of dynamic games in fields such as
     o networking (telecommunications, transportation...)
     o economics and finance
     o management and marketing
     o environment, energy and resource management
     o biology
     o social sciences


Special issue of Banach Center Publications
In the case when sufficiently many participants are interested in publishing their papers, there will be special volumes of Mathematica Applicanda and/or  Banach Center Publications devoted to our conference. Those papers will be subjected to usual editorial procedure.

Past Events



  • 10th ISDG Workshop, Glasgow, Great Britain, July 16-17, 2015
  • 9th ISDG Workshop, Barcelona, Spain, July 5-6, 2013
  • 8th ISDG Workshop, Padova, Italy, July 21-22, 2011
  • 7th ISDG Workshop, Djerba, Tunisia, July 1-3, 2009
  • 6th ISDG Workshop, Rabat, Moroco, September 5-8, 2007
  • 5th ISDG Workshop, Segovia, Spain, September 21-24, 2005
  • 4th ISDG Workshop, Goslar, Germany, May 19-21, 2003
  • 3rd ISDG Workshop, Cargese, Corsica, July 16-21, 2001
  • 2nd ISDG Workshop, Ischia, Italy, July 18-21, 1999
  • 1st ISDG Workshop, Sils-Maria, Switzerland, August 20-22, 1997

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