Symmetry and Geometric Structures

28.08.2017 - 30.11.2017 | Warsaw


When speaking of differential geometry, it is Riemannian geometry that first springs to mind. But there are many other equally well motivated notions of geometry: classical examples include conformal, projective, and CR. In fact, alternative geometric structures abound. Some are now collected under the auspices of parabolic differential geometry but there are still others. This Simons Semester will discuss and develop these various geometries and the interaction between them.

A key principle and unifying theme is one of symmetry. To justify its study from this viewpoint, a geometry should have a most symmetrical incarnation with an abundance of symmetries. In other words it will be a homogeneous space. Surprisingly, many characteristics of the homogeneous model seem to persist in the curved setting.

This Simons Semester will begin with mini-courses of two weeks duration 28.8.2017 - 8.9.2017 on the following topics:

  • Symmetry and geometric rigidity
  • Parabolic geometry
  • Invariant differential operators
  • Non-Riemannian holonomy
  • Projective differential geometry
  • The Cartan and Tanaka methods


Senior Simons Professors:

  • Michael Eastwood
  • Robert Bryant
  • Thomas Leistner
  • Colleen Robles
  • Joseph A. Wolf

Junior Simons Professors:

  • Thomas Mettler
  • Katharina Neusser
  • Antonio Di Scala

Towards the end of the Semester there will be a major conference. Further details and registration for these two events will be announced in due course. 

In the meantime we are accepting applications for postdocs associated with this Simons Semester. Please see here for details, conditions, and how to apply. These are generally for the whole Semester with the possibility of an extension in duration to one year for selected applicants. We anticipate that approximately 11 postdocs can be funded. 

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