Dynamics, Control, and Geometry

12.09.2018 - 15.09.2018 | Warsaw


In honor of Bronisław Jakubczyk's 70th birthday.

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Aim and scope

prof. Bronisław Jakubczyk

The main goal of the conference is to bring together a number of leading experts in geometric control theory, sub-Riemannian geometry, control on Lie groups, dynamical and physical systems, and applications of nonlinear control, in particular, in robotics. Interactions resulting from the meeting will help to better understand and further develop the issues being at the crossroads of control, geometry, and dynamics.

The conference is aimed to honour scientific activity of Bronisław Jakubczyk, on the occasion of his 70th birthday.

The scope of the conference includes (but is not limited to) the following broad subjects:

  • Nonlinear control
  • Input/output systems
  • Sub-Riemannian geometry
  • Equivalence and classification of geometric structures
  • Singularities of (families of) differential forms and vector distributions
  • Optimal control
  • Differential invariants
  • Robotics

Speakers include

  • A. Agrachev (SISSA, Trieste)
  • M. Barbero-Liñán (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)
  • Z. Bartosiewicz (Bialystok University of Technology)
  • B. Bonnard (Université de Dijon)
  • U. Boscain (CNRS)
  • R. Brockett (Harvard University)
  • W. Domitrz (Warsaw University of Technology)
  • J.-P. Gauthier (Université de Toulon)
  • M. Grochowski (Cardinal Wyszyński University)
  • H. Frankowska (CNRS)
  • S. Janeczko (IMPAN)
  • F. Jean (ENSTA Paris)
  • F. Lamnabhi-Lagarrique (CNRS)
  • E. Le Donne (University of Jyväskylä)
  • D. Normand-Cyrot (CNRS)
  • A. Panasyuk (University of Warmia and Mazury)
  • D. Pazderski (Poznan University of Technology)
  • J.-B. Pomet (INRIA)
  • F. Pelletier (Université de Savoie)
  • H. Sussmann (Rutgers University)
  • E. Trélat (Sorbonne Université)
  • M. Wojtkowski (University of Opole)
  • M. Zhitomirskii (Technion)


In case of any questions please contact dycoge@impan.pl or directly one of the members of the Organizing Committee.

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