PDEs/SPDEs & Functional Inequalities

01.04.2018 - 30.06.2018 | Będlewo & Warsaw

About Simons Semester "PDEs/SPDEs & Functional Inequalities"

Important reminder!

In all publications related to PDEs/SPDEs & Functional Inequalities Simons Semester please include an acknowledgement of the following type:
"This work was partially supported by the grant 346300 for IMPAN from the Simons Foundation and the matching 2015-2019 Polish MNiSW fund”

Participants are also kindly asked to add a "Report number" to all publications posted on arxiv.org, which are related to participation in the PDEs/SPDEs & Functional Inequalities Simons Semester in Warsaw 1.04.2018 - 30.06.2018. The code to add is:


One can add this code:
1) upon a submission of the paper,
2) upon submitting a revision,
3) without changing the paper.

For 1), and 2), one just adds the report number as a part of Metadata.
For 3), in personal arxiv account, click "journal-ref" and add the code in the field "Report number".

Contact to the organizers of the Semester: simonspdes_spdes@impan.pl
Workshop of the Semester: more information here

About the semester.

The program of the semester is devoted  to  topics that arise in an interaction between stochastic analysis and the theory of differential equations. With  extensive progress in the area of functional inequalities as well as many other new techniques of the analysis/stochastic analysis developed over last twenty years, new frontiers could be now explored. This is particularly relevant in the area related to partial differential equations  and stochastic partial differential equations and their possible applications in such fields as: mathematical physics, biology, finance etc. The objective of the  semester  is to present the advances in those areas, having predominantly in mind young researchers entering their mathematical careers with the interest in analysis and stochastic analysis,  and to achieve in this way a long range perspective for a fruitful development in the future. With participation of many leaders in the focus areas it is hoped that the program will lead to dissemination of the methods used in the contemporary PDE/SPDE-s. Since a number of expected participants have broader research interests and experience (for example in statistical mechanics,  stochastic homogenization, probability in continuous and discrete setup, analysis in non-commutative spaces/non-commutative stochastic analysis, analysis on groups) the programme is expected  also to contribute to a transfer of mathematical technology between various areas of mathematics. In addition, the organizers hope that the programme will foster a broader interaction of international participants with the Polish mathematical community.

Planned Activities. The planned activities of the semester include:

  • Workshops:     April, 22-28, 2018 in Bedlewo and end of May/beginning of June at Banach Center in Warsaw (one week each).
  • Graduate School/Minicourses: The program will provide an excellent opportunity for training activities in particular of junior researchers. Each month we will organize  courses and mini-courses (of 7-10 days duration) open to Ph.D. students and young researchers from Poland as well as other international participants. Concentrating such activities over shorter periods of time will help to attract excellent lecturers and will make them more accessible to a broader audience of young researchers. Some of the courses as well as tutorials will also be provided by longer staying participants.

Support/partial support will be offered based on available funds. Junior researchers without their own funds will be prioritized.
The organization of all the activities will be shared by the key leaders of the programme.

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