Cartan C*-Subalgebras and Noncommutative Dynamics

25.11.2019 - 28.11.2019 | Warsaw

 Celebrated Renault's result from 2008 states that all commutative Cartan C*-subalgebras correspond to twisted topological groupoids. This provides a strong link between operator algebras and dynamical systems, that made Cartan subalgebras one of the central objects of study in theory of C*-algebras in recent years. Questions of existence, uniqueness, properties and structure of Cartan inclusions play a predominant role in a number of problems, such as the UCT problem, C*-rigidity of dynamical systems, reconstruction of groupoids, classification of endomorphisms of Cuntz algebras, description of automorphisms groups of graph C*-algebras, and so on.  

The aim of the meeting is an exchange of ideas and report on recent advances in the theory evolved around Cartan subalgebras.  Amongst the more specific aspects we would like to tackle are: generalizations of Cartan subalgebras to noncommutative and non-Hausdorff setting, Fell bundles over groupoids and inverse semigroups, approximation properties for the associated C*-algebras and more. 

Everyone interested is cordially invited. There is no registration fee and we allow a few contributed talks. Unfortunately we can not offer any financial support!

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