Rajchman, Zygmund, Marcinkiewicz

17.10.2021 - 23.10.2021 | Będlewo

   In 2020, we celebrate the 130th, 120th and 110th anniversary of the births of Aleksander Rajchman, Antoni Zygmund and Józef Marcinkiewicz, and the 80th anniversary of the  tragic deaths of Rajchman and Marcinkiewicz. We want to use this occasion to organize a conference in Bedlewo to gather leading specialists in geometric and harmonic analysis and a score of young researchers and PhD students, to allow an exchange of experiences and to promote new research connections and ties.




The tentative list of plenary speakers:

G. Alberti (SN di Pisa),

J. Azzam (University of Edinburgh)

A. Bonami (Orléans),

M. Csörnyei (Chicago),

C. Fefferman (Princeton),

N. Garofalo (Padova),

N. Gigli (SISSA)

P. Hajłasz (Pittsburgh),

T. Iwaniec (Syracuse),

J. Kinnunen (Aalto University),

J. Kristensen (Oxford)

S. Kislyakov (Steklov MI, St. Petersburgh),

P. Koskela (Jyväskylä),

R. Latała (UW),

E. Malinnikova (NTNU, Trondheim)

J. Maly (Charles University in Prague),

A. Volberg (Michigan State University),

A.Olevskii (Tel Aviv),

G. Pisier (Texas A&M U),

J. Van Schaftingen (UC Louvain)

M. Sodin (Tel Aviv),

X. Tolsa (UA de Barcelona),

S. Wenger (Fribourg)



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