Rajchman, Zygmund, Marcinkiewicz

17.10.2021 - 23.10.2021 | Będlewo

   In 2020, we celebrated the 130th, 120th and 110th anniversary of the births of Aleksander Rajchman, Antoni Zygmund and Józef Marcinkiewicz, and the 80th anniversary of the  tragic deaths of Rajchman and Marcinkiewicz. We want to use this occasion to organize a conference in Bedlewo to gather leading specialists in geometric and harmonic analysis and a score of young researchers and PhD students, to allow an exchange of experiences and to promote new research connections and ties. The conference, initially planned to take place in 2020, was moved to October 2021 due to the epidemic situation. For the same reason the conference will be organized in the hybrid form, with some talks delivered online and some talks delivered in Będlewo and transmited online and recorder.

 Conference fees: For participants planning to come to Będlewo the conference fee is 1000 PLN.

For online participants, the conference fee is 10 EUR/50 PLN.

Financial support: Funds for partial support of the conference participants will be available.

Schedule of the conference: plenary talks will be delivered in the afternoons (due to the online form of the conference and the time zones differences).  The contributed talks sessions will take place before the plenary talks. The detailed conference programme will be announced later.

The conference registration will be opened at 15th of June. In the registration form section Additional information  please let us know the following information:

(1) whether you will participate online or in person,

(2) whether you apply for the conference support,

(3) whether you would like to deliver a contributed talk.


The tentative list of plenary speakers:

J. Azzam (University of Edinburgh), online

C. Fefferman (Princeton), online

N. Garofalo (Padova), online

N. Gigli (SISSA)*,

P. Hajłasz (Pittsburgh)*,

T. Iwaniec (Syracuse),

J. Kristensen (Oxford), online

P. Koskela (Jyväskylä)*,

R. Latała (UW),

A. Volberg (Michigan State University), online

A.Olevskii (Tel Aviv)*,

G. Pisier (Texas A&M U), online

J. Van Schaftingen (UC Louvain)*,

X. Tolsa (UA de Barcelona)*,

S. Wenger (Fribourg)*

* The speaker will come to Będlewo, provided that the epidemic conditions will allow it. Otherwise, the talk will be delivered online.




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