Dynamical Systems in Natural Sciences

26.03.2023 - 31.03.2023 | Będlewo

The meeting is planned as a follow up of the BIOMATH 2019 and DSALSS 2022 conferences held in BC in Będlewo, and will include both a workshop and a school for young scientists.
It is envisaged to address methods of dynamical systems in modeling and analysis of various phenomena in Biology, Medicine and Social Sciences. A particular emphasis will be placed on non-local effects both in time and space, singular perturbation methods, stochastic differential equations, generalized kinetic equations and reaction-diffusion equations. The discussed applications will cover, among others, infectious disease initiation, progress and optimal control, tumor – immune system interactions, autoimmune diseases, as well as network dynamics, traffic problems and opinion formation.
The aim of the meeting is to continue, through the presentations and scientific interactions, the collaborations between researchers building on the success of BIOMATH 2019 and DSALSS 2022. A particular emphasis will be placed on interactions between junior researchers as well as between junior researchers and the established leaders in the field. 

KeyNote Speakers:

Italy: Vincenzo Capasso (Universita’ di Milano),
Yves Dumont (CIRAD), Jean Clairambault (INRIA), Raluca Eftimie (University of Franche-Comté),
Germany: Cristina Surulescu (TU Kaiserslautern),
Poland: Janusz Szwabiński (Technical University of Wroclaw),
Spain: Nicola Bellomo (University of Granada),
South Africa: Jean Lubuma (University of Pretoria),
USA: Urszula Ledzewicz (Ohio).

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