STRUCTURES: Set Theory, Model Theory, Logic and Computer Science

01.08.2023 - 31.12.2023 | Warszawa, Wrocław, Będlewo

We are pleased to announce a thematic semester devoted to various areas of foundations of mathematics and computer science!


Piotr Kowalski (UWr) • Aleksandra Kwiatkowska (UWr) • Maciej Malicki (IMPAN) • Marcin Sabok (McGill) • Grigor Sargsyan (IMPAN)


The semester will consist of a series of workshops, schools and mini-courses.
A closely related University of Warsaw IDUB Thematic Research Programme STRUCTURES will take place at the same time.
Registration for each of these events takes places separately.

Descriptive set theory & dynamics
Conferencew (21-25.08.2023, Warsaw)
Workshopwbs (14-18.08.2023, Warsaw)

Model theory
Conferencewr (19-23.09.2023, Wrocław)
Workshopwrs (15-18.09.2023 Wrocław)

Generic structures and theoretical computer science
Conferencewb (23-27.10.2023, Będlewo)

Perspectives on Set Theory
Conferencew (13-17.11.2023, Warsaw)
Tutorialsbs (autumn 2023, online)

Funders & Organizers
w - part of the University of Warsaw IDUB Thematic Research Programme STRUCTURES
s - mini-courses given by the Simons Semester Leaders
r - (co-)organized by the University of Wrocław
b - (co-)organized by the Banach Center


University of Warsaw • Polish Academy of Sciences, Będlewo Conference Center • University of Wrocław

Participation of postdocs, PhD students, and students is especially encouraged, and (limited) accommodation for them will be provided.

To contact the organizers, please write to structures-semester@mimuw.edu.pl.

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